Want to make a difference in the life of a child without donating a dime, or even any of your time? Simply leaving a comment below will make a difference in the world. Keep reading to find out how!

Have you ever heard of Feed My Starving Children? Sending specially formulated, nutrient rich food to mal-nourished children in nearly 70 countries around the world, this non-profit Christian organization relies on volunteers to keep it going.

It’s an organization that’s close to my heart. I’ve volunteered there, packing food, and the before and after photos and videos they show you are more than enough to make you want to come back and do it all over again. I also love that 93% of the money they receive goes right back into helping others, with only 7% going toward administrative costs. One packed meal only costs 24 cents to produce – can you imagine spending that little per person on your next family meal? At that rate, they’re able to help millions of people around the globe.

When I learned that Jill over at Spoils of Wear was doing a feature called Traveling Bag for a Cause, raising awareness for FMSC, I knew I wanted to be involved. Jill purchased the bag from the FMSC store, then styled it on her blog. From there, it’s gone from blogger to blogger, with everyone styling it differently while promoting the great work that the organization is doing. That was a no brainer for me – I can style, and I love what they’re doing!

I loved the chevron pattern on the bag – since I wanted that to be the star I kept the clothing simple.

Wearing a JCrew top (truthfully, it was once a dry clean only dress that accidentally made its way into the laundry pile), and my red pants from Len Druskin, I was able to let the bag shine.

Aren’t the colors perfect for fall?

My grandmother’s bracelet, a Wild Ruffle necklace, and some Lois Hill earrings were the only accessories I needed.

When I saw that my friends Chris Ann and Kristin over at LoveFeast Table were trying to raise $24,000 to sponsor a mobile packing unit for FMSC, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Here’s where you come in. For every comment left on this post until December 30th, I will donate $1 toward the packing unit, up to $1,000. Just leave a comment telling me about your favorite cause, and you’ve automatically raised $1 toward feeding a child in need. Want to raise more? Leave up to two additional comments if you post this link on Facebook or Tweet about it (just be sure to tag Wild Ruffle on FB, or mention @wildruffle so I can be encouraged by your sharing of the love). That’s $3 dollars toward changing a life, without any commitment on your part.

If you’d like to go even further, be sure to check out the link via the LoveFeast/FMSC button on my sidebar. They’re working together to accomplish something wonderful, and they’d love to have you along for the journey. To hear more about their story, click here.

So start commenting – I can’t wait to hear about all of your favorite causes!

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  1. Such a great mission! I have many favorite causes – the girl effect, st. judes telethons get me every time, and feeding children especially those who are denied aid by their governments…

  2. such an amazing thing you are doing here, cate! feed my starving children is a wonderful organization. good work. i will be sure to spread the word!

  3. It’s great to see another styling of the bag! I had it back in the spring and I’m happy that it’s still making the rounds! Great outfit for a great cause :)

  4. Wow, that is such a gracious thing for you to do!

  5. Just retweeted it!

  6. Oh what a great thing you are doing. We are advocates for Compassion, that is our cause.

  7. Feed my Starving Children is such an awesome organization. So exciting that you’re doing this. Way to go, Cate! <3

  8. Love this ministry. The heart of it is so simple and I can give towards it with my time. My daughter is 6 and has been to help pack food! Thanks Cate for being so giving!

  9. This is probably my favorite aid organization. The low overhead costs and mission are excellent. Thanks for telling us about FMSC and giving to them!

  10. Your generosity will feed so many and touch the hearts of even more! Thanks, Cate!

  11. Love the mission of FMSC and that you are doing this, Cate!

  12. In this season of life, Operation Christmas Child is on the top of our list. We make boxes year round for all of our kids to learn about giving and I love bringing them to the distribution center every year to pray over the boxes! We also love World Vision and sponsor a girl close in age to ours and they can communicate with each other. Thanks for your giving heart!

  13. Thank you, Cate! This is such a great cause…you are always thinking of others and ways you can help to make a difference!

  14. My Inlaws are friends with the Guy who started FMSC and are heavy supporters… One of the best charities out there hands down

  15. Love the heart of this ministry. Thanks for the opportunity to give!

  16. FMSC is a wonderful organization! You are wonderful Cate!

  17. So great! Thanks for your willingness to donate, FMSC is an amazing cause. Currently my heart is breaking for victims of human trafficking, my support currently is going to any organization that works to battle that.

  18. Brittany Stewart says:

    This is such a great thing you’re doing- an amazing cause. Good luck in reaching you’re goal!!

  19. FMSC is an amazing organization. We worked with them in partnership with Convoy of Hope [an group SO close to my heart!] It is amazing to see what can be done when we work together to feed His starving children!

  20. FMSC is great! Love the cause!! Thanks Cate for doing this!

  21. Gwyneth Olson says:

    1 more buck for FMSC. Keep up the good work!

  22. Heather Johnson says:

    Great cause! Kids Against Hunger also does wonderful work too!

  23. I’ve volunteered at FMSC a few times myself–always a fun and rewarding time. It’s great to see this creative fundraising effort!

  24. Love that you are doing this for FMSC! Great organization doing wonderful work!

  25. FMSC is a fabulous organization; taking a very simple concept in making a huge difference for thousands of children all over the world. Thanks for doing this.

  26. I love that you’re doing this! An organization that’s close to my heart is The Way of Hope. They provide medical supplies (and a whole lot more) to villagers in the Peten region of Guatemala. I spent three months there when I was younger, so the area and the people are very dear to me.

  27. you’re inspirational!

  28. Way to go! FMSC is my favorite organization!

  29. The confirmation class and I just went to FMSC last week!

  30. Florence Kerkaert says:

    We are doing Operation Christmas Child this year!

  31. This is wonderful Cate. I love that you saw a vision and are running after it! I am proud of you!

  32. Nicole Kollman says:

    You are a wonderful inspiration Cate! This is a great idea :)

  33. Any cause for kids gets a special place in my heart!

  34. FMSC does such great work! I hope they do another big event here, like the one they did at Southdale a couple of years ago!!!

  35. Amazing generosity Cate! Glad to help support!

  36. This is awesome, I love Feed My Starving Children. What an awesome thing to do. <3

  37. Claudia Kaul says:

    it’s a great place…have been at Feed My Starving Children in the past. thanks for your contributions! Very cool idea!

  38. natalie kirby says:

    so neat that you’re doing this, cate. love the bag and think it’s so cool that it’s travelling around the blog-o-sphere.

  39. Very cool cate! Donate Donate!!

  40. Our family loves the Feed My Starving Children organization, last year my then 9 year choose to have her birthday party there and her little group was able to pack over a thousand meals. It is fantastic how much good this group is able to do, thanks for organizing such a wonderful fundraiser for them:)M

  41. Lisa Mezyk says:

    Sounds like a great organization!
    I’ve said it before, I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do for others, post to your Wild Ruffle website and run a busy home. You go girl – you are an inspiration to all! XXXOOO

  42. Happy to help ! Best wishes.

  43. Heather Pilakowski says:

    happy to help! I have packed out meals for them before…such a great cause!

  44. We were just there yesterday! Great organization and a fun volunteering experience. We also love Habitat for Humanity!

  45. We love taking our kids to FMSC, its a great way to teach them how they can give and that God wants us to help the poor. we take home the m and m rolls they have and when they are filled (with quarters….feeds like 50 kids) we go back! Check it out!
    Thanks so much Cate for raising awareness and donating!

  46. Awesome Cate! Hope to get the family to FMSC sometime this year.

  47. Great job sweetie. Hope the numbers are even greater! xoxo

  48. misty schutrop says:

    love the bracelet Cate =) Also great bag and great cause =D

  49. This is a beautiful thing. Thanks for doing this Cate!

  50. Susan Shehata says:

    Thanks for your efforts! So many great causes out there…

  51. Great thing to do!
    I’m definitely a fan of any cause willing to help feed children! Breaks my heart that children in the world have to go without food!

  52. What a great idea. My brother and his family regularly go to pack food for this organization.

  53. Love the cause Cate, I love it!! My favorite causes are the wounded warrior foundation, susan g komen and st judes, but I am thrilled with the high percentage of what goes into the actual cause!! Keep up the great work!!

  54. You are amazing.

  55. I’m commenting! I think I’m going to do my birthday party there next year.

  56. Selita Phillips says:

    FMSC does fantastic work!!! Praise God there are people that keep it going!!!

  57. Great cause… happy to comment :)

  58. Kristen Massey says:

    Feed the starving children!!

  59. Natalie Finazzo says:

    Love where your heart is at! I support a few different organizations like the Children’s Cancer Research Fund & the Child Neurology Foundation to name a few!

  60. Sarah Coffey says:

    Yes, FMSC is a wonderful and inspiring organization. We take our summer school students there each year to pack food. Thanks for your donation!

  61. This is a great organization and a great cause – what a wonderful way to support them!

  62. Go Cate! Love this organization and I love you! Spreading the word on Facebook and on Twitter…LinkedIn too! And my blog…

  63. I absolutely love that bag and FMSC. This is an awesome cause!!

  64. With an hour to spare! Thanks for doing this Cate. You have such a great heart.

  65. Go Cate! Just wrote about this on my blog today:

    My favorite causes? They all spread hope and have lasting impact.

    1. The Michelle Project, an organization that supports women and children in the Twin Cities. A small but mighty non-profit that makes a huge difference and creates family out of strangers. You can support this group of courageous women by shopping at Rachel’s Holiday Shopping Boutique! (
    2. Our church, Christ Presbyterian Church’s long-term partnership with World Vision to comprehensively support the community of Moyo, Zambia over the next 15 years.
    3. Jenny’s Light, an organization that supports women in the postpartum period to prevent depression-induced maternal suicide.
    4. Feed My Starving Children!

  66. What a wonderful organization FMSC! I loved the time we got to pray over the boxes.

  67. Always good ideas, Cate! :) Kudos!

  68. Cate ~ Thanks so much for your support of FMSC and for helping support our project, The Traveling Cookbook – supporting our goal to raise $24000 for a Mobile Pack unit to pack 100,000 FMSC meals. We are excited about this goal!!
    You can follow the journey here:
    Thanks to all that commented and spread the word!
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  69. Karen Allen says:

    Great cause…. For us, after a visit there, St. Jude’s will always have a special place in our hearts.

  70. What a lovely way to raise money and spread the word, Cate. Great organization.

  71. I want one so bad! It’s so cute! :D

  72. Dana Klohs says:

    People from our church help there every year – I hope to join in with them this year. Thanks for doing this Cate!

  73. Love this orgnization , it allows our entire family to give back and do something together. One of my other favorite organizations is dropful of buckets, which helps to prepare high school students who would normally not be able to go to college, to think about the college process . In other words, tutor them in the ACTs , guide them through the financial aid/ scholarship
    and college application process.

  74. I need to get there to pack meals! What a great way to serve.

  75. Anna Forsberg says:

    Great cause Cate! The bag is also adorable!

  76. A fabulous organization. Thx for your support!

  77. A great cause! I’ve done a couple of group events either with neighbors or co-workers as a social outing, a great alternative to dinner and drinks.

  78. SO awesome!!!!

  79. This is incredible! I had the bag earlier this year (when I was still writing my blog undergradfab) and found out about what you are doing to donate via Jill! FMSC is absolutely one of my favorite charities, and it was such an incredible experience to volunteer there when I was living in Minneapolis. Thank you for doing this!

  80. The world needs more people like you!!!

  81. Love this bag! You are so awesome for doing this and it’s such a great idea! I usually am a team leader for the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis and the Humane Society’s Walk for Animals. One of my best friends has Cystic Fibrosis and I will do anything I can to help him have a better quality of life. Right now the best thing is to raise money for research and working towards a cure. FMSC is also a great cause and I hope that as I get older and get out from student debt I’ll be able to get involved with and donate more to all of the amazing groups that do much needed work! XoXo Lori

  82. I love that you’re doing this!

  83. This is awesome, Cate! I really like the Compassion Child program where you sponsor a child each month!

  84. This is really wonderful!

    My favorite Twin Cities based community is Common Bond–which provides low-income families with housing and services to get back on their feet.

  85. A great cause!

  86. Wow! Look at all these comments. Thanks for helping out a great cause!!

  87. Posted to FB as well…

  88. Awesome work girl! I really love the work Charity Water does

  89. Hi Cate!
    I volunteered with two of my girlfriends on Friday night at the Eagan FMSC site. She had a Silpada party before hand, and 10% of the sales are being donated to FMSC. Another girlfriend of mine is the site manager in Coon Rapids for FMSC! So, this organization is near and dear to my hear too. I’m actually blessed to be attending their annual fundraising event this Friday evening as part of my company’s involvement with FMSC. I love that you are supporting them in this way! Bravo!! Looking forward to the Pop Up Shop on Saturday!!! And, you’ve inspired me to come up with some sort of a give back promotion for FMSC for that day. I’ll let you know how I’m going to help!! I know we are going to have SOOOOO much fun.

  90. How many times can we comment and still have the comment count toward food for kids? :-)

  91. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

  92. Jenny Kramm says:

    I love FMSC, they have a great vision, thanks for supporting!

  93. Sarah Kurle says:

    So many great causes! FMSC is one of the best!

  94. Sarah Kurle says:

    Posted to Facebook! :)

  95. Jen Hedrington says:

    So many wonderful causes out there. FMSC is amazing. We also support PanCan (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) and St.Jude’s.

  96. Colette Kollman says:

    A great cause to feed hungry children. :)

  97. Anything for u Cate and FMSC! Love the cause.

  98. Heather Krause says:

    I love FMSC because it’s a way to serve and really make an impact. We participate in packing meals at Prince of Peace where we pack 1 million meals in a week! So amazing. Our three MOPS groups are joining up this Feb to help meet the goal. Thanks for raising awareness, Cate!

  99. FMSC is such a wonderful organization. You’re lovely for doing this.

    International Justice Mission is very dear to my heart.

  100. great cause, cate!

  101. WTG, Cate. Other praiseworthy organizations are: Mission E-4 [], JP/HRO [Jenkins/(Sean)Penn Human Relief Organization, and We Advance [] with my buddy Aleda Frishman. All do amazing work in Haiti. ME-4 does work in other troubled areas of the world as well. Check them out!

  102. LaDawn Severin says:

    Anna and I are so excited to be on the schedule for packing meals at the Coon Rapids FMSC – now that she’s old enough. Thanks for donating, Cate! How was the pop up shop event on the 5th? I had my small group that day, but truth be told I even cancelled that because Mike was so sick….yesterday was his first day feeling almost normal in a week. PTL for healing!! I miss you.

  103. We support the Kids Food Basket here in Grand Rapids. It provides a take home dinner for kids in the area that don’t have one when they finish school.

  104. Lisa Domyahn says:

    Great cause Cate! Sorry I didn’t do this sooner.

  105. Lisa Domyahn says:

    Just posted to Facebook too! :)

  106. Cate what a great cause!

  107. my cause is white ribbon day and the education of women that domestic violence is NOT ok … your cause is just an amazing example of women making a difference – all the best le xox

  108. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dsilpay!

  109. making time and real effort to make a quality article. Cool!

  110. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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