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June 27, 2012

Fun Finds on Friday

June 29, 2012

I’d Rather Be Naked

June 28, 2012
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It’s a scorching hot week. Like, crazy hot. Pretty unusual for us fair skinned Minnesotans.

The kind where you feel like you’re melting when you walk outside.

But even though the thought of going nude (simply to beat the heat) was tempting, I thought it might be awkward at Costco and the park, so I donned the next best thing: a sheer tank and a comfy pair of denim shorts. It was as close to nude as propriety allowed.

There was no point in doing my hair, so up it went on the top of my head, capped off with a Gussy headband. The booties lasted through the trip to Costco, but were replaced with sandals for the park as the temperature hit 90. Yeah, we didn’t last long there. We sweated it out for a little bit before trucking it back home.

Apparently, one of the side effects of this heat is that it renders me unable to make eye contact with the camera, and instead can only look down or to the side. I’ve noticed that it’s sort of my thing – look over there!  I’m casually looking to the side!

earrings – Wild Ruffle, bracelet – Premier Designs, tank and shorts – Target, headband – Gussy Sews, booties – Steve Madden, handbag – Tory Burch

How do you handle the heat? Do you have hair styling tips that you can share with us all with temperatures soar? Please tell me you’ve got some magic somehow that’ll get us through this time. Because I can’t seem to find it anywhere!


  1. Love this entire outfit. I can’t braved booties in the name of fashion! You go girl.
    It is boiling here as well. I find I’ve been staying inside more…not good.

  2. The button details to this blouse are so charming! Love your booties too…need a pair for my closet.

    <3 Cambria

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