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February 12, 2013

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February 14, 2013


February 13, 2013
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The weather here in Minnesota has been all sorts of crazy, from rain to snow, to sleet, to mush, and back again.

It’s a slippery world out there, which means that I’m actually wearing flats for Day 2 of my 7 Days/7 Ways blazer remix (see Day 1 here). I know – it’s so unlike me.

The sacrifices we make for the safety of our back sides.


Can you guess which picture below is the one in which I nearly went down (even WITH the flats!)? The things I do for the sake of the blog. Wink, wink.

Wild Ruffle outfit of the day (blazer remix)accessories from Wild RuffleWild Ruffle outfit of the day (blazer remix)Wild Ruffle outfit of the day (blazer remix)Wild Ruffle outfit of the day (blazer remix)


blazer – The Vintage Gypsy, jeans – JCrew, scarf and tank – Target, shoes – Converse, bracelet – c/o Good Works Make a Difference

pleated poppy

I’m looking forward to a couple of months from now, when the world isn’t nearly as icy and slick and I can go back to wearing my heels whenever my little fashion heart so desires. At this point in the year, it always feels like that day is never coming. But eventually, our snow and ice do melt and then we get to experience the prettiest of springs of anywhere around. At least we appreciate them more than others do, I’m sure. When you have to power through months of chilly days, you get pretty excited when that warm weather hits.

What’s the weather like where you live? Are you walking gingerly across the ice, or is it nice and warm where you are?

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  1. Ha… I know exactly what you mean!! You’re a brave woman for tackling outdoor shots! 😉
    Happy to have found you through The Pleated Poppy! Great look!

  2. ealah, aku lupa masukin jumlah pisangnya ya …. thx infonya ya! Sebenarnya di cara penybatamnua aku memasukkan tahap pencampuran pisangnya ini. Tetapi untuk jumlah memang belum aku masukkan kecuali aku sebutkan bahwa aku memasukkan satu buah pisang ambon yang sudah matang.naah dengan satu buah pisang ambon matang menurutku sudah cukup… tapi aku memang belum memasukkan jumlah pisang di bagian bahannya

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