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May 6, 2015

Wild About All the Goods Coming Your Way!

May 8, 2015

Hooray for Teachers!

May 7, 2015

It’s teacher appreciation week this week!

Go hug your teacher {or if that’s kinda awkward, give them a tasty treat instead} and tell them THANK YOU for all they do! Build them up because if you don’t, who will?

These are the people that are with our children more than we are during the day. Making them feel appreciated just means that they will feel more love and compassion for our little babies (no matter their age, they are still babies right?). So in my mind, it’s a win/win!

In honor of teacher appreciation week, we are planning for our End-of-the-year teacher gifts. That last day will be here before you know it!

Wild Ruffle has decided to make it easy for you. Why? Not only because we like doing nice things {awh shucks}… we also feel your pain. Each year, we debate… What’s the best teacher gift? An all-expense-trip to the Bahamas? Umm Yes! Unfortunately, not in the budget. Darn!

So let me rephrase that. What gift will give our favorite teachers the best bang for our buck? Well, we think we’ve come up with a few fun ones that everyone will be sure to enjoy!

We’ve done all the work. You just run over to the shop. Pick your favorites at a great price {$8-$18}. Pen a thoughtful sentiment and D.O.N.E. You’re done!

{Thank you for helping me grow}

Succulent in Chalk board pot. Write your own message to your teacher!Teacher Appreciation Gifts Teacher Appreciation Gifts-3 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-2Another style ~ Succulent in a glass globe.
Teacher Appreciation Gifts-5 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-6{Thanks a Latte!}

Blank mug with Sharpie and Permanent Baking Instructions included! Write a personal message.Teacher Appreciation Gifts-7 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-8{You’ve Lemon-MADE my year!}

Sparkling Lemonade in a fancy bottle.Teacher Appreciation Gifts-10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-9{Hands down. You’re the best!}

Spa treatment gift pack. Body Scrub, Bath bomb & Soak, Nail Polish.Teacher Appreciation Gifts-12 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-11

End-of-the-Year teacher gifts…Check!

Woohoo! It’s just that easy!

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  1. I love all of these ideas! The succulents are my favorite and I love the “thank you for helping me grow” card. I wish I still lived closer and could check out your shop!

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  4. Bro Jim, I like the “Preach What Matters,” as in the last year (maybe I’m hearing/listening better), your sermons have increasingly emphasized the grace side of our Father, while not offending our congregants coming to this truth. Keep it up. 19 more. Oh yes, another compliment. You throw in somewhat disguised theologies, perhaps the meat of the word, and, give a message to all, quite skillfully.

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