Never Say Never

November 11, 2015

Wild About… Taking Your Top Off!

November 13, 2015

Day Dates are my New Favorite

November 12, 2015

I was embarrassingly emotional about my youngest heading off to full-day kindergarten a couple months ago. Even though I still miss being home with her all the live-long-day, I’ve found a new interest {other than work of course…that was for you, Cate. ” 😉 }.

This new found love? Day Dates with my love!!

Of course I cherished these special lunches in the past… but to be honest 3 is an odd number. my lovesAnd don’t forget about Date NIGHTS. Still important. Case and point, Sushi night. It’s a must every once in night sushiBut there’s something to be said for “sneaking away”. Just the two of us. Alone.             Finally.

It all started a week ago when I casually asked Jason if he could take the afternoon off to hang with me. Rabbit trail: our bed has recently turned into a ‘family’ bed. But just to be clear…they start out in their own beds and at different times in the night 2 of the 3 scaredy-cat girls are on top of me, snoring in my ear. Sooo adult “alone-time” is sadly scarce these days. Annnd we’re back: He checked his calendar. Thankfully YAY! no meetings. We were on, it was a date! No need to tell the kids. Knowing them, they’d fake an illness to get sent home from school that day, all in hopes to play a little ‘family hookie’.

Jason came home after his morning meetings, picked me up and we set out to a new restaurant in town. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was fantastic. Mainly because it was just us11372111_627304767372263_2095354025_n

Who are these people sitting across the table from one another? We aren’t the irresponsible young college kids that fell madly in love. We aren’t the old married couple that doesn’t have anything to say to each other who sits and eats in silence. We are two people that enjoy time together. We have grown into each other from all the ups and downs we’ve shared over the past 20-some years.

Since this Day Date last Friday, we’ve secretly had another. Because it’s just! too! good! not to. I can’t tell you about that one because it’s private. wink wink. These day dates feel new. They’re exciting. Raw and real. This is going to sound so weird, but I don’t know my “day-time” husband anymore. He’s at work, I’m at work {at home or at the shop}. I only know the “daddy to my girls”, the “late-night talks husband”, the “weekend warrior husband” and the “vacation stressed-out husband” but there’s something different about this daytime guy. I like him. I like him a lot.

So as the year goes on I plan to sort out a few Day Dates here and there. I likely won’t get 2 in 1 week most weeks but hopefully a few a month is doable.

The challenge of making ‘us’ a priority has been totally fulfilling and worth every minute. Day time “fresh-face” hours are proving to mean alot to our relationship. We don’t just bond over family chaotic nights & weekends anymore. We are more than that. He is my new Daytime Date.

If you don’t plan Day Dates with your spouse yet, I highly suggest you start!

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  1. I love this Tammy!
    Dustin and I go on a lot of day dates too! I love that you also don’t have to fight the evening crowds, no reservations needed!

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