De-Winterize with this Super Simple DIY

Super Simple DIY Lip & Body Scrub

De-winterize your lips, hands and feet with this SUPER simple DIY.I don’t know about you but I’m cracking from head to toe. The lack of moisture in my skin is driving me batty, not to mention wrinkly and extremely scaly. ugh! I’m done catching my rough scratchy fingers on my tights and sweaters. It’s just gross. […]

DIY Rustic Glam Chandelier

Rustic Glam Chandelier DIY -collage

Here’s a simple rustic glam DIY to dramatically change the look of any room in your house.All you need: A simple chandelier A few hundred wooden beads Jewelry wire to match your chandelier Scissors or wire snippers I found an online store with a huge selection of wooden beads, giving me the options I needed to accomplish my […]

Piece By Piece

thrifted DIY side table-

When I moved into our new house last November I started with a clean slate. Our living room furniture found a home in the kids’ loft. Our old familyroom furniture went directly to the unfinished basement for the kid’s entertainment area. Which left my front sitting room and new family room empty. Yay! Yay! Except for the […]

DIY Birch Branch Necklace Holders

great idea for storing necklaces - turn birch branches into a necklace holder!

Our shop is a fairly small space. So we had to get creative about how to use it all, because we have so many fabulous things to display. Let me tell ya, we’ve used every square inch of it! And one of my favorite things we did was our birch branch necklace holders. Not only […]

Wild About Holiday Birch

Birch log table decor

Lucky me! Why you ask? Well, my parents’ birch tree died. While normally that would not be a happy occasion, this time, I rejoiced. Only because I was about to score a whole tree worth of DIYs!  Wahoo! Perfect time for the holidays. Pretty and simple center island decor. Stay tuned for… birch logs on […]

Fashion Accessories turn Home Decor

DIY nightstand.  Blah to BaBAM!

Lookie lookie what my friend Summer did with accessories!  …and paintable wallpaper!  I can already tell you, I will be doing this technique in my new house! Yes, I know, she’s a crafty girl.  But she makes it sound so simple.  You can have a new fab piece for your room just-like-that. {The low-down […]

DIY Pumpkin Pie Face Scrub

DIY pumpkin pie face scrub/exfoliant. Smells amazing, moisturizes, and leaves your skin with a fresh glow

Pumpkin lovers, we’ve got another good one for you today! Side note – if you haven’t already read Tammy’s recipe for the world’s easiest pumpkin muffins (TWO ingredients people!), stop what you’re doing and give this a click. Now that I’ve got you back, read on for a DIY facial scrub recipe that smells so […]

4th of July Pallet Decor

diy american flag from a pallet

Once upon a time, Tammy and I went treasure hunting. By treasure hunting, I mean that we went trolling through the woods behind my house (home to this mess) for items we could DIY. Typically, if I can’t get to a project within minutes of bringing home the supplies, Ed dumps it all in the […]

Build Your Own Terrarium

build your own terrarium in just a few easy steps

Remember when I shared Mel’s home decor and mentioned that she was queen of the succulents? Well, it’s true. She is. And she’s back today to share her tips on how to quickly and easily build your own terrarium with succulents. Here’s your shopping list: soil, rocks, containers, sheet moss, plants. Be sure to get […]

A Fun DIY, With a Fun Group Giveaway!

Happy Easter

I’ve been looking forward to this project for awhile now, because I love meeting new people. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love meeting the people behind this group giveaway too. It’s  a little different than some of the other group giveaways floating around cyber space – this group collaborated on several […]