Packing for the Sunshine State

February 15, 2011

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February 16, 2011


February 16, 2011
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My closet is organized by style. Shoes are lined up on their special shoe shelves. There’s a section for dresses, and one for tops (which in turn is broken down into long versus short sleeved). Blazers and cardigans hang together, and jeans are folded alongside their other denim friends.

But for years I’ve been living with a secret. I have not been giving my accessories the love they deserve. Inside my jewelry boxes necklaces lay entwined and entangled, earrings were a jumbled mess, and bracelets were shoved to the back and forgotten. It’s shocking, I know. The worst part is that I wasn’t even wearing most of my things because they were weren’t organized and accessible. I had all these great pieces that weren’t getting used.

Inspired by a friend’s idea, I decided to clean up my act. I hung my earrings on a window screen (after throwing away anything that wasn’t in great shape or that I knew I wouldn’t wear again). Now everything is easy to see and I can tell at a glance what I can wear that day. I now have space in my jewelry boxes for my other things and nothing is in danger of getting twisted into a ball any more. I feel like my accessories wardrobe has been expanded just by organizing what I already had. Plus, the slim build of the screen makes it easy to tuck away when I don’t need it out.

So here’s my advice to you this week: head to the hardware store! For just a few dollars, you can get a system in place so you can treat your belongings with the respect they deserve. Here is to the love of organization.



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