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July 11, 2011

The Forecast Calls for a Baby Shower

July 13, 2011

Why, Hello Yellow!

July 12, 2011
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This month, the ladies behind Everybody Everywear asked the question, “How do you wear yellow?”

I must admit, my closet is chock full of the color. Most people don’t have a single pair of canary colored shoes, but I’ve got three. The yellow jewels in my collection are too numerous to count. I have multiple tops in shades of butter and lemon, and I even have yellow nail polish (OPI in Megawatt)!

The funny part is that for all the space it’s taking up in my wardrobe, it really isn’t that great a color for me. To wear it, I need to be tan, and I’m far too protective of my skin to get bronzed without faking it.

I prefer my yellow in little pops of color here and there – with just enough to let an otherwise blah outfit sing a bit.

romper – target, tank and shoes – jcrew, headband – gussy, earrings – von maur 

Love these JCrew jellies – they saw me through a lot of soccer games this spring, since it seemed to rain on just about every game day.

Just enough color to brighten me up.

So how do you wear yellow?

To see how everyone else is doing it, click the link below to see the Everybody Everywear challenge.


  1. You are so pretty! I love how you paired the yellow with a more neutral outfit! I saw a similar romper at Target and REALLY considered buying, but I didn’t. Now I may need to go back. 🙂 Great EBEW outfit lady!

  2. Love those shoes! And they really pop when paired with this gray. (Yellow and gray happens to be one of my favorite color combinations!) Those earrings are fab, too!

  3. So cute! I keep thinking I need a romper, but just haven’t bought one yet. Yours is super cute. And your yellow accessories are perfect. I used to have a yellow pair of shoes. They were yellow satin with itty-bitty white polka dots, and I loved them. They got destroyed one night when I wore them to a bar with really nasty floors.

  4. Love the way you incorporated yellow with your accessories, like you said, just enough color 🙂 You look great. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi too!

  5. Yellow is also a color that doesn’t work well on my fair skintone, but I still absolutely LOVe yellow in pops of color. I have yellow shoes that I wear ALL the time and a few yellow purses that add just the right amount color to any outfit! Plus, yellow is such a great neutral!

  6. oh, those shoes are just so perfect! And I love how you paired it with grey.. and a little peek a boo tank top underneath! You look great in this outfit 🙂

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