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I spent a big portion of yesterday weeding and spreading mulch around our yard. Although I wore gloves for the most part, my hands were a mess by the end of the task.

So what’s a busy mom to do when she needs a speedy repair? Take a little trip to the DIY spa, of course!

After a quick rinse to get the worst of the grime off, I let my hands soak for a minute or two in a sudsy bowl of water and moisturizing hand soap (I like Bath & Body Works’ Sea Island Cotton).

Once the stubborn stuff came out from under my nails, I was ready to put together some homemade exfoliant. Just a Tablespoon of sugar mixed with a few drops of olive oil makes for an inexpensive and effective home remedy for even the driest and roughest of hands.

With just a couple minutes of massaging, my hands were better than ever in under five minutes. I’ll definitely be making an appointment at this spa again soon.

Do you have any DIY beauty secrets to share? I’d love to hear about them!


  1. The best facial is a lemon sugar scrub. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on some cotton balls, pour some sugar on the lemon filled cotton balls and scrub away the nasty dirty grime. Credits to makeup artist Kandee Johnson on this scrub. it’s amazing, and simple and you’ll probably have all the ingredients already in your home. your skin will feel AAAmazing! I promise!

  2. I love hearing about home remedies with simple, pure ingredients! 🙂

    Have you tried extra virgin coconut oil as a night time moisturizer… super soft. I’ve been toying with a baking soda/cornstarch (in equal parts) deoderant…. I think I need to mix it with coconut oil and some essential oil so it’s not so messy.

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