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September 6, 2011

Inspiration: Favorite Book

September 8, 2011

My Hands Are Open

September 7, 2011
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This is the outfit I wore when my heart broke just a little.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but yesterday I sent my oldest child off to first grade. I’ve been through first days before, having sent her to two years of pre-school, and kindergarten last year, but this year is different. This year she’ll go to school all day long, and I’m already missing the time we’ve had together.

Like all three of my kids, my oldest daughter is my precious gift from God, sent to my husband and I after an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, and a long period of time when we wondered if we’d ever be able to have biological children.

This gift arrived after a difficult pregnancy, and an even more traumatic birth, where we nearly lost her moments after having met her.

I’ve enjoyed unwrapping my gift over the years, discovering new things about her each day, and loving all that I know about her – her sunny personality, big imagination, intelligence, and sweet smile.

I read something beautiful awhile back on Casey Wiegand’s blog, about parenting with an open hand, and it’s what getting me through this time. I’ve been given these gifts to care for, but ultimately they are not mine – I’m raising them up to let them go. I must say, it’s a little easier to give them up when I know that’s God has a better hold on my children than I ever could.

Dress – JCrew, sweater tights – DKNY, shoes – Star Ling 

Do you have kids in school? Is it hard for you to send them off?

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  1. I have a 2nd grader and a Pre-Ker…and I remember it was hard sending the 2nd grader to Kindergarten. But, I work full-time, so I’m used to being away from both of them during the day…so it was hard just knowing she was growing up too fast!! Just be thankful you’ve got to spend so much time with her!!

    Your outfit it too cute!!!!

    – Emily @ twogirlstwofriends

  2. Oh Cate, I LOVED reading this post! I loved you sharing your heart and the learning to parent with an open hand. What a great blog entry! Thanks for being so honest…and for sharing with your readers who treasure you. Loved this.

  3. I have a junior in highschool and a fifth grader. My fifth grader walked to school yesterday with her friend. As I watched them walk away I realized I’ll never take one of my kids to their classroom on their first day…. ever again. It all went by so fast.

  4. Very touching Cate. I agree 1st grade is a tough one. There are not enough hours in the day when they get home from school. The house is awfully quiet without our chit chatty girls aroung isn’t it?

  5. Cate,
    What a beautiful post! My oldest just turned 4 in July. When she was 2 and 3 she was in preschool, this year Pre-K. Next year she will be my big girl going to Kindergarten. I still have some time to decide if I want her in 1/2 days or full. Cherishing moments and blessed to have this time with her while I am a stay at home mom.

  6. Such a beautiful post,,,, we’re packing up our daughter for her second year at college. I know how your heart breaks a little with each send off…. and…. with two more in high school…. every day I struggle to ….let go and hold on….and remind myself over and over….. they are no longer mine…..but always will be a gift from God.

    You look beautiful as always my dear!

  7. You look SO amazing! Love the shots too.
    The post you reference is one of my favorites from Casey – we could all learn a little something from it.

  8. Whenever I read posts like this I just want to be the bloggers friend because I definitely feel like they give me such wisdom when it comes to parenting and help me through the stages of parenting too!

    I can’t imagine the heartbreak I will feel having to send my little one off to school years from now. I’ll definitely be one of the moms bawling!

  9. I have such a hard time with it every year…my “baby” started 1st grade this year too and oh, it hurts.

    Sorry you had such a rough time. I so relate to what you’re feeling. We had 3 miscarriages and nearly lost my son twice after he came, so the time I have with these 2 miracles is all the sweeter…

    You look AMAZING in that dress!

  10. The thought of sending my then-kindergartner off was just too painful, and that’s one of the reasons we began homeschooling in the first place.

    A couple of weeks ago we once again sent him off for his final year of college. And honestly? Yes, my heart hurt a little, even though he’s 22. I’m just praying that he comes home to live and doesn’t decide to stay in that state, lol!

    You look adorable, by the way.

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