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October 14, 2011

It’s All About the Bride

October 16, 2011

Perfectly Posh

October 15, 2011
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Jennifer Vickerman is on a pampering pursuit. She believes that women everywhere deserve to have it just a little bit better. Our lives are busy, complicated, fascinating, amazing, joyful, and fabulous. Perfectly Posh offers beautiful pampering products made in the United States. Jennifer wants to invite you to indulge in her pursuit, and you can do it at the Pop Up Shop on November 5th!!


One of my favorite indulgences is to take a long soak in a bath. Bear in mind, this only happens when I have spare time, so I’m not soaking often, but I could be tempted to do it a lot more often with a Spicy Chai Froth Bath Ball to lure me in. Doesn’t this one have Christmas gift written all over it (hint, hint)?

After a long day at the Pop Up Shop, my feet are going to be in need of a little soothing, and the Playing Footsie Soothing Stick would be the perfect way to cure the ache. Plus, the smell of peppermint will take me back to my youth, when my mother solved every bit of tummy trouble by giving me some to suck on.

I shudder to think it as we enjoy a lovely fall, but winter is on its way. With winter comes dry skin, and for me – we’re talking VERY dry! This Slather Shea Body Butter would be a luxurious solution to the problem, and with a tropical sent of plumeria, it’d allow me to dream of warmer days.

Want more reasons to treat yourself? When you purchase 5 items from Jennifer during the event, you get to take one home for free!* Plus, all peppermint products will be 10% off that weekend – that Soothing Stick is looking pretty darn good right about now.

Be sure to stop by Jennifer’s table at our fabulous boutique event – you deserve to pamper yourself, don’t you?

*some exclusions apply


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