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November 21, 2011

Bundled Up

November 23, 2011

Pumpkin Face

November 22, 2011
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I have really dry skin, and now that winter is making its way to MN, it’s only going to get worse.

To make matters more complicated, I also have sensitive skin – I can’t smear just anything on my face to combat the lack of moisture. I’m always looking for ways to rejuvenate my epidermis, and if I start now I’m hoping I can prevent the excessive flakiness I’ve dealt with in years past.

When I stumbled upon this DIY pumpkin face mask recipe from, I knew I had to try it (I’ve told you all before about my love of all things pumpkin – so it was a no brainer for me!). Though the original recipe calls for fresh pumpkin puree, I used a can of organic puree I had in the cabinet in the interest of saving time. I already had all the ingredients I needed to get started:

  • 1/2 cup fresh pumpkin pulp
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoon almond milk (for dry or combo skin)
  • 1 teaspoon honey (for dry skin)
  • 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice (if you have oily skin)
Clearly I didn’t need the vinegar/juice since I was looking to moisturize. I whipped everything together and left it on for 20 minutes as instructed.
Pretty, huh?
True story – when my twins saw me like this, they literally ran screaming. One hid behind the couch, and the other kept yelling, “Get the messy off your face!” Note to self – next mask will go on after bedtime.
The results? I was shocked to find that my skin actually felt fresher and brighter after washing it off! And since the recipe made way more than I could ever use in one application, I’ll be moist for months to come.
Do any of you have great DIY beauty tips to share?


  1. That is too funny! The other night I put a mask on and left it on while giving the kids a bath. Liam kept looking at me saying “cary mama”. I am not sure how he knows how to judge, ‘scary’, it must have been Halloween! 🙂

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