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Cate Mezyk - February 27, 2012


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Not Just Pillows

Cate Mezyk - February 28, 2012
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We’ve been working on getting the lower level of our house finished for awhile now.

We’ve talked for years about what the finished product will look like, and our dreams for that space. I’ve pinned scores of inspiration photos to Pinterest. I’ve picked out every wall color, tile color, granite color, wood color imaginable. We’ve met with contractors and sub-contractors, heard bid upon bid, and priced out all our options.

It feels like it’s been forever.

While we wait for that space to be completed, our lives upstairs are in limbo. When our twins were born, it was easy for them to share a room. Their tiny clothes fit perfectly into a small dresser together and they co-habitated beautifully. Next week they’ll be 3, and Plan A is no longer working. Until the downstairs guest room is finished, we can’t move that furniture out of Davis’ future room, we can’t have new beds and dressers delivered for them, and we have no good storage solutions.

The hammering began two weeks ago, and this is as far as things have progressed.

finishing the basement

It’s enough to drive this mama over the edge. Will it ever be completed?!

And then – just when I think I might just lose it – I fell in love with some pillows at a craft fair on Sunday.

Umm… huh? Pillows?

Oh yeah. Pillows. Lovely, handmade ones with swirls of the very shade of Hale Navy I’ve chosen for our walls. Oh, and the sweetest rosettes in a gorgeous mustard yellow sewn right on. Lovingly stitched onto one of these pillows was the word, ‘hopeful, I saw some just like them at the dozy owl and couldn’t believe my luck when I found them again at the craft fair.’

And that, my friends, is me to a tee. I am, forever and always, hopeful. My glass is half full. My future is bright. My world is always full of hope.

For now my pillows are tucked away, just waiting for the day when our couch is delivered to our newly finished space. But I know that day is coming soon, and I’m so excited for it.

handmade pillows by McKenzie Beiler

What are you hopeful for?



  1. I would be frustrated and impatient waiting for it all to be done, too! It is nice that you can be optimistic and know that it will all be done soon. And you will have pretty pillows to decorate your new room! Bonus!

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