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Cate Mezyk - April 10, 2012

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Cate Mezyk - April 11, 2012


Cate Mezyk - April 11, 2012
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Want to know something I really like? Shopping.

Want to know something I like even better? Shopping for free!

Have you ever been to a clothes swap before? I hadn’t until the other day. My friend Noemi invited a group of us (like Eryn, Jacquelyn, Brage, and some other fun friends) over to clear out our closets and trade our things out with each other.

I haven’t laughed that much or that loudly in a long time (mostly due to the antics of one of my group members, Shannon). We tried on clothes and teased each other, sipped some sangria, and feasted on some yummy treats. If you haven’t been to a swap, I suggest you organize one soon!

When we had swapped out everything we wanted, we sent the rest off to the Rapha Project, an organization dedicated to standing in the gap for families struggling to survive in this economic climate while improving their overall base with a holistic, long term therapy approach.  They strive to see women and their families come out of painful experiences or broken-ness and transform from the inside out to strong, inspired families. So we had fun, and we did some good too – a win/win for everyone!

With all our warm weather, I didn’t think I’d have a chance to wear my new swapped jacket and scarf any time soon. But with lower temperatures and some crazy wind, I was able to wear it after all!

I have a bunch more things I got from the swap (like this necklace) – I can’t wait to share those items with you over the coming weeks!

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  1. Fun! I want to do a swap! I just haven’t organized it yet! This may inspire me to do one!

    Love the jacket. The wind can really get crazy when trying to get an outfit shot! Great hair!!

    Found you from WIWW

  2. hat jacket is awesome. It looks so cute on you. I’ve attended 2 swaps were we not only swapped clothes but also household items, craft supplies and kid stuff. It was awesome to get new things, get rid of some things and the chance to hang out with a great group of ladies.

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