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Cate Mezyk - May 12, 2012

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Cate Mezyk - May 15, 2012

All Grown Up

Cate Mezyk - May 14, 2012
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As long as I can remember, I’ve been an optimist.

My glass is half full, my future is bright, and everything will turn out well in the end.

Even during the years I spent struggling to conceive, I never fully gave up hope that things would go the way I hoped and prayed they would.

Blogging was the first thing in my life that threatened to dull my shiny outlook to a certain extent. I started with high hopes, putting thought and time into what I’d say… the blog became a little extension of me; a project dear to my heart. I shared my vision with family and friends, and posted my links on Facebook.

And then I waited.

And I got my feelings hurt.

“Where is everybody?” I thought. I watched my home page on Facebook telling me friends were ‘liking’ everything under the sun, from Taco Bell to Taylor Swift, but not my page. “Seriously?” I thought. “Someone likes Taco Bell so much that they’ve gotta hear every latest piece of taco news, but there’s no interest in the goings on of Wild Ruffle?”

And later, as my little project grew in readership, I’d pour my heart into a particular post, and wait with bated breath after hitting that ‘publish’ button. “Surely this will connect with someone,” I’d think to myself. And the radio silence of a post with zero comments sounded incredibly loud to me.

To anyone out there operating under the assumption that starting a blog is a quick step away from quitting your day job, I assure you – it is not. It is a lot of work, and often times it comes without reward.

But lest you think that this is a total downer of a post, and I’m one step away from giving it all up – you can be sure that quite the opposite is true. Whereas it once felt personal when someone I knew hadn’t hit that ‘like’ button yet, I’m now thrilled to see that out of all of the Wild Ruffle fans, most of them aren’t my Facebook friends. It tells me that the people in that community are people who really want to be there, and aren’t just hitting like because they feel like they have to for the sake of friendship.

And though not every post here gets a ton of commentary, I know that you’re out there reading, and that makes me happy.

The success of the recent Spring Boutique was a great reminder to me of why I started this blog in the first place: to promote others, to support small businesses, and to begin to take steps toward one day owning a boutique of my own. I’m so thankful that you’re here on the journey with me! I’ve grown through this venture – and I’m looking forward to all that’s ahead of me.

jeans – Paper Denim & Cloth, shoes – Starlight, top – JCrew, bracelets – Stella & Dot and Premier Design, earrings – Premier Design, necklace – ekate designs


  1. It’s the nature of the social media beast. All of our friends aren’t going to have the same interests as us. And, people can’t possibly comment on everything we post. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been at this twice as long as you and have half the fans. You are doing well for yourself 🙂

    1. Tree, I LOVE your posts too – I love to look at all your photos and see what a GREAT job you’re doing!!!!! Sorry I don’t tell you often enough. XXXXXXOOOOOOO

    2. And that’s exactly the lesson I’ve learned – I don’t need the comments (though obviously they’re nice) to feel validated. And I’d rather that people read if they truly enjoy it, rather than being here out of obligation to me or something.:) I’m just happy to find a true audience!

  2. Cate, don’t feel bad that people don’t post – I know I don’t post (only every blue moon). Personally, I don’t think anyone wants to read what I have to say, so I keep to myself. That doesn’t mean we don’t read your blog and look at what outfit you’ve put together today (I personally liked when you wore shorts in the middle of winter)! You’re so sassy! I like to see the different outfits and then look at myself and see if it would work for me. Even if the style doesn’t work – maybe I picked up some color combination that I never tried before. I give you a lot of credit – it can’t be easy to come up with all the different outfits, take pictures, write and post a blog daily AND take care of a house, husband and kids! You love what you do, so keep doing what you’re doing – you ‘re doing a GREAT job!!!! Hope you had an awesome mother’s day!!!!! XXXXXOOOOOO

    1. You are so sweet Lisa! And there is no pressure to leave comments – I’m just so glad you’re reading. And it’s great to hear you’ve been inspired to try new things because of it!!

  3. I’m here, and I am reading, and I am sorry for not commenting as much as I should. I always think you have the cutest outfits, and I am jealous of your closet on a daily basis! You are a rock start, and I saw your pop-up first hand and I can see how much time/effort/heart you put into it and I was happy to be a part of it! 🙂

  4. I don’t comment as often as I should either… but I do read! You’re one o the most stylish and most adorable people I’ve ever met!

    I’m so thankful for your blog because through it (and seeing you at the store!) you’ve become my friend in real life! I’m so grateful for that!

  5. I know that feeling, I totally get it and I’m still pretty new to the blogging thing – but I’m almost a year in and have realized the same thing, I don’t mind if my friends aren’t liking or posting, I have connected with others and made new friends and that has been just as rewarding.

    I love this outfit and just might copy it soon, I have similar pieces but haven’t ever put them together like this! It’s casual and chic and I love it!

  6. I read your blog and several others every day. So even though I don’t comment, never fear, you are being read. I am 56 years old- a grandmother and a fashionista. A grandnista? A fashiongrand? (Can still wear most of my HS clothes – not that I would).
    Love your fashion pics and even though not all are “age appropriate” for me,
    I get lots of ideas.

  7. Love you and reading your blog Cate! You do inspire me to use things in my closet rather than buying a brand new one. Thanks!

  8. what an honest post! i think every blogger feels or has felt like you at one (or more) point. your blog is great, your style is fun, and i like reading every day what you have to say!

  9. Well, I’ve been at this for about a week…but I certainly understand! At this point, I feel like I’m entertaining myself and if I happen to entertain someone else in the process, that’s just a bonus! Not really sure where this is going, but I know it’s somewhere good. For now I’m just enjoying the ride.

    Thank you though! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for quite a while and you’ve been an inspiration for me to go for it. Great job, great writing and appreciate your honesty. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. Thank you for all that you do. Your posts, your style, your thoughtful words and your kindness all inspire me!

  11. Cate I love reading your posts! I am so glad you aren’t giving up…you are so fun to read!! Your next pop up shop should be in Maple Grove! 🙂

  12. I know what you mean. My comments have been down so lately, but I can see that people are visiting. I’m guilty of it myself. I’m always reading your blog even if I don’t comment though. 🙂

  13. I love reading your posts and I am always amazed you find the time with a family and house to take care of. If it’s any consolation I would “like” you on Facebook if I had a Facebook page 🙂

  14. This is a great post. It’s true that blogging is a lot of work and when you don’t feel like anyone is reading or caring, it can be disheartening. Even blogs with 100 comments on a post might have thousands of followers so the comment to reader ratio isn’t even that high. Anyway, I love reading your writing and am glad to have discovered your blog. The OCD in me requires that I read from the most current post to the very beginning, so you’ll be getting a lot of readership out of me. Also, I try not to comment toooo much, for fear of sounding like a crazy stalker. So that’s why I won’t comment on everything, or at least try not to. Whew. That’s all.

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