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September 4, 2012

Flat Out

September 5, 2012
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My husband came home with a new pair of Converse for me the other day – a big surprise since he often tells me I have too many shoes and I shouldn’t bring home any more of them.

I don’t know what it is, but lately this heel loving mama is digging the flats. My silver loafers, previously languishing unloved in my closet, have been in regular rotation. My brown and white oxfords are a constant favorite these days. And a frilly pair of flip flops is an easy throw on during the waning days of summer. I’ve even had my eye on a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins (practical and pretty, and a local company to boot – what’s not to love?!).

I love that, with all fashion rules having gone out the window, I can still be girly and frilly while rocking Chuck Taylors. My inner ornery girl is loving the contrast.

shoes – Converse via Nordstrom, skirt – Target, shirt and bag – JCrew, belt – Posh Love

I promise – next outfit pic will include the new dark hair!

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  1. Cute! Love the Chucks! And the background – so Minnesota!! (I lived there for 5 years). I heart Moccasins too BUT since I just got on the Tom’s bandwagon (and bought a pair of the flats and booties) I think my shoe budget is zero!!

  2. Hi Cate, visiting you via the pleated poppy… so glad I popped over!! I love your colour scheme… yellow and white looks so good with red and blue!!! Plus I’ve realised I HAVE to get some Converse – they look so good with everything.

    Loving your style and your blog – I’m going to enjoy looking through your archives! Following you now, if you get a moment to come by mine it’d be lovely if you came and said hello!!!

    Catherine x

  3. I love my Chucks! So awesome your honey bought you a pair of shoes! My fiancee says I have way to many pairs of shoes myself and he will not contribute to my “shopping problem”. Hee hee.. Love your blog!


  4. Gratulerer med nye og fine gardiner fra Kid og ikke minst med Ã¥ finne fakairttsvopet.Du viser sÃ¥ fine sommerbilder i innlegget under her, smiler nÃ¥r jeg ser pÃ¥ dem:) HÃ¥per det blir en koselig feiring av dine store jenter i morgen…Kos dere bÃ¥de med mamma feiring og 20 Ã¥rs dag!! Tusen takk for alltid like koselige hilsener fra deg, blir sÃ¥ glad nÃ¥r jeg leser dem:)

  5. Bovidino / Cesar,Você encerrou o comentário com uma frase excelente: &#&;#02…828230;os sábios estão cheios de dúvidas, e os néscios tem certeza de tudo….”. Só falta você nos relacionar quais são esses sábios que estão cheios de dúvidas, porque os néscios que tem certeza de tudo eu já conheço alguns.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 5

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