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November 7, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

November 10, 2012

Fun Finds on Friday

November 9, 2012
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I’m headed to a Totally 80s birthday party tomorrow night, and it’s going to be totally tubular. I’m totally stoked about it. Like, totally.

I hit up Google for outfit ideas, and some of the pictures I came across were like, grody to the max!

Parachute pants? As if!

Stirrup pants? Gag me with a spoon!

Growing up in the 80s does bring back some fond memories however, so before you tell me to take a chill pill, I leave you with the following nostalgia for this week’s edition of Fun Finds. Feel free to add your own faves in the comments below!

Though I didn’t actually watch this 1984 classic until the 90s, it’s a go to favorite of mine. There’s nothing like a Friday night in, cozied up under blankets, watching this one and knowing every line.

What was Saturday morning without the Smurfs on tv? I had dance on Saturday mornings, but I always looked forward to my days off because that meant I could watch my cartoons!

The best book reader around, Teddy Ruxpin was a constant companion of my little brother’s. If not the creepiest.

Maddona – enough said. I mean, this woman pretty much MADE the 80s.

You’ve got to admire this hardworking accessory. When not being used as a hair tie, the scrunchie totally worked as a bracelet. I had a whole slew.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the bathroom teasing my hair. Some Dep and a little White Rain ought to keep it in place.



  1. OOOOh! Fun. That was my fave era…I don’t care that I have to hide the pics from that time. I was a huge Madonna (still am!) fan. And yes, I may or may not have teased my hair with aqua net. Don’t judge.
    Have a blast!

  2. Hahaha! I totally forgot about White Rain. Nice. Of course, I loved (and still love) Sixteen Candles. Jake! And I usually had three or four scrunchies on my wrist…you know, just in case! Have fun at the party! Happy Friday!

  3. I think I still have dreamy thoughts about Jake Ryan. And my dad called my sisters and I Smurfs – still does, actually! Sometimes I miss the 80’s. But then I remember stirrup pants.

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