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January 9, 2013

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January 11, 2013

Very Hairy

January 10, 2013
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I got my hairs done yesterday – I love the feeling of a fresh new cut and color!

While there, I chatted with my go-to girl for hair, Emilie (if you’re local you MUST visit her – she’s the best!) about the biggest follicular trends for 2013.

According to Emilie, ombre is still big, but in a softer, more natural version. In fact, softer, toned down looks from recent month will dominate – like the shades of red that have been so popular, and so on.

No need to grow out the bangs yet either – they’re still in (phew!). And according to this month’s Allure mag, waves will still reign, though in a flatter form than the ringlets we’ve seen everywhere the last few years.

Me? I’m thrilled with my soft ombre. Next up… I think I’m heading back to the blonder side for the summer months.

ombre hair from Wild Ruffle

What kind of hair trends are you into right now? Do you have a new look that you’ve been dying to try… but perhaps haven’t gotten the courage to go for it yet? My vote? Do it! Hair is just that – hair. It will grow back, or can be re-dyed, or cut once again. It’s so fun to play around with it and come up with a new look every time you head to the salon. While this shade might not be one I’ll stick with, it’s fun to try for a little while at least!

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