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January 11, 2013

New Beauty Resolutions

January 15, 2013

Not That Crazy

January 14, 2013
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I was going to show you my cute new purple top.

But baby, it’s cold outside! You’ll have to take my word for it that it’s cute though, at least for now.

Because the temps are hovering around 10, and the windchill is about -7.

Yeah, negative seven. That is zero minus seven more people. In case you were wondering what that actually feels like, let me tell you – it feels butt cold. Mind numbing cold. Freeze your booty off cold.

I might have braved the chill before, like here and here, but I’m not completely crazy.

Purple top, your day will come. This jacket is staying put. I can’t believe I even got out of the car to take these pictures at all. Maybe I am just a little bit crazy after all. Just not completely there yet.

Wild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the daytop – The Vintage Gypsy, shoes – Stuart Weitzman, jeans – Target, jacket – Banana Republic

Too bad we couldn’t take the time to get a close up of my sparkly jeans either – there’s a fantastic gold sheen to them and I sparkle when I walk. It’s just the way I love to be seen. As a sparkly lady who shimmers and shines as she goes. Tee hee.

Those bared ankles just weren’t going to give us any more time to be outside and braving it however. Maybe the gold sparkly pants will have their day again, just like the cute purple top.

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  1. I may not be able to see the full top, but I love the color! It’s one of my absolute favorites! I don’t blame you for not wanting to take off the jacket; it’s way too cold out for outdoor photos! Stay warm hun!

  2. It’s so warm here! I figured you had the same type of weather. Now I’m afraid for what’s coming.
    Can’t wait to see this top! Looking great.

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