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January 14, 2013


January 16, 2013

New Beauty Resolutions

January 15, 2013
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Last year I shared a few resolutions I was making in the beauty department.

Time for me to check in and see how many I checked off the list.

First up was a goal to exfoliate more often – totally nailed it! I’m loving my Micro-Dermabrasion Paste from Rodan + Fields, and use it a few times a week along with my Hydroxatone Microsonic Facial Brush. I’m also getting regular help in this area from the ladies over at Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery, with facials that leave my skin feeling smoother and healthier all the time.

Speaking of Dr. Prischmann – aesthetician Jillian is my go-to girl for crossing the next item off my list: ridding myself of dark spots. I shared my story about melasma here, and I’m on my way to being spot free, with a peel scheduled for the end of this month.

Oye – number three on the list… Major fail. Drinking more water should be one of the easiest goals to achieve, but unless I’m working out, or eating a meal, I totally forget. This one remains on the list for 2013.

drink more water!

And the last one? Ensuring better health for my hair. Going darker has definitely helped – my mane is much softer and in better condition. I still haven’t found the magic product for optimal health, so I welcome your suggestions!

Going on this year’s list? Being kinder to my feet. Between hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes and our extremely dry winters, these piggies are a wee bit sad. And besides, won’t it be great to justify a few more pedis by telling myself I’m simply achieving my goals?!;)

What’s on your list for the year?


  1. Taking care of all parts of your body is so important- we only get one!! 😉 I’ve always found that I drink more water if I always have some with me. I leave a refillable water bottle filled with filtered water in my main living area – the kitchen and living room – and set it by my purse when I’m getting ready to head out the door. Having it with me on my Target run saves me from the thirsty preschoolers’ whining as I’m focused on getting in and out of there with everything on my list and nothing more, too!! 🙂

  2. i’m telling you coconut oil is great for hair. i only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, too. but every night before i’m due to wash my hair, i slather my whole head in coconut oil and sleep in it. my hair is so soft the next day!! great job on keeping up with your resolutions. for water…i suggest a super cute cup with a built-in straw. for some reason, that helps me drink more!

  3. I have just started drinking lots of H2O too! I found that leaving a glass on the kitchen counter, by the sink is my gentle reminder! If you are like me you are in the kitchen many times throughout the day and just seeing my glass sitting there reminds me to fill it up and quickly drink water while at the sink! I am able to do that at least every hour in the morning and get 40+ oz. in before noon! You will be surprised how that glass just stares at you while sitting on your counter :). Good luck!!

  4. These are great. I hate getting mani/peds (I know, I know)…more so because they take SO long and honestly, I would rather be shopping or drinking coffee with friends anytime I have some free time.
    I have been taking pretty good care of my skin but also need to rid myself of dark spots on my forehead.

  5. I’ve used WEN cleanser/conditioner for about 3 years & love it. I get compliments on my hair all the time. No shampoo…no conditioner…just one product that does it all!!! No surfactants…all natural. You can order on

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