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January 22, 2013

Wild About You

January 25, 2013
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There are days when I get dressed, and I know right away – “my husband is going to think this outfit is weird.”

I knew when I donned yellow tights and layered up the socks that this would be one of those days.

In fact, I had a conversation with a couple of my friends about it that morning. We talked about whether we’d stop wearing something if our husbands didn’t like that item. I had to laugh – because if I did there wouldn’t be much left in my closet.

My husband would love for me to wear this outfit everyday (minus the wrap). He can’t stand these pants, and he thinks this look is crazy.

Sure enough, the second he got home he started in with the teasing.

“What do you call this look – homeless chic?”


“Ronald McDonald would be embarrassed to wear that.”

It’s a good thing I’ve got a good sense of self worth. And that I can have a sense of humor about it. And that he loves me no matter what I wear.:)

Meanwhile, this outfit – combined with the fact that I’m standing on an ice rink – just made me want to dance.

So dance I did.

Wild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the dayWild Ruffle outfit of the day

booties – TOMS, tights and scarf and skirt – Target, top – GAP

Would you wear something if your significant other didn’t like it? Are you like me, and it simply doesn’t bother you? Or do you change your look to make him happy?
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  1. At first the husband thinks I dress weird but later he sort of got used to what I would wear especially on those special outfit days. That´s a pretty scarf you´re wearing! Visiting from WIWW. 😉

  2. i definitely would. chris always laughs that i ask his opinion (which panst do you like better?) and then i usually go with the other pair. it’s nothing personal against him…i just go with what feels most comfortable to me!

  3. I LOVE the yellow tights – so cute!

    My husband has really great taste, so I always ask his opinion when I’m getting dressed. Occasionally he’ll say “it’s a little weird, but you look good.” That’s when I know I’ve found the perfect outfit 🙂

  4. I’m in love with this outfit! My husband is EXACTLY the same! I knew when he doesn’t like something he says “Are you wearing that?” What about that one low cut shirt, that’s what you should wear! HAHA, If men styled the world we would all be naked! LOL. I’m also hosting an outfit linkup, I would love for you to stop by link this up! Have a great Day!


  5. I think this is cute! And your hubs simply doesn’t have the adventurous fashion sense that you do. 🙂 The thing with my boyfriend is he mostly doesn’t like things until he can see it actually on me, so he’s TERRIBLE to go shopping with, because he’ll just go ‘meh’ to everything I hold up.

  6. I adore the layering with the tights and socks!! I wish I were as adventurous with fashion as you are! My husband would be happy if I wore black everyday! He likes very basic and sometimes boring! Fortunately for him, I don’t mind wearing lots of black! It’s slimming…right?! 😉

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  9. Ok.I am going to be the devil’s advocate. I would always advise a woman not to over dress with accessories. I think it can cheapen the look. I also think over accessorizing recently has become a sad fad. It began with all these scarfs that have been draping us for years and the look of plaid on jewelry, and colored this and that. Yes, we can have fun with all that and who cares what the devil may think, such as me, for instance, but frankly, the men know more than you think. That is why the best dressed women have borrowed their taste in fashion from the men’s department. Now let’s see how the conversation rolls after reading my blip. Sorry girls, sometimes it is just too much.

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