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May 10, 2013
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Most of the time, when I sit down at my computer, I’m full of ideas about which to write.

And then, there are days – like today – that my brain empties the moment my butt hits the office chair.

What am I Wild About this week?

Well, you already know I’m wild about this item, since I can’t stop wearing it. And I told you I’m excited about making some changes in my life. I was wild for my time spent alone with my daughter last weekend. I’m also crazy excited for something I’m working on for a Mother’s Day gift – but I can’t share that yet, or I’ll spill the beans since my sweet mother is a regular reader of this blog.

I’m super excited to take a week long vacation with my family to Florida – which reminds me that I need to go swim suit shopping… but I’m certainly not EVER wild about doing that.

I AM happy that I found a few moments to give myself a pedi in time for the trip – using the same at home gel process I did for my DIY mani.

AND I’m wild about the fact that my jewelry is selling so well over at The Vintage Gypsy! Thanks to all of you who have supported my handmade biz!!

But if I had to pick one thing in particular I’m currently wild about – it’d have to be the fact that Mr. Sunshine has been making regular appearances lately. After waiting through a seemingly interminable winter, I’m glad to say that warmer weather is probably here to stay awhile.

sunshineWhat are you Wild About this week?



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