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June 27, 2013

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July 2, 2013


July 1, 2013
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Around here, we like to mis-pronounce things.

There’s usually a story connected with whatever we’re mixing up and twisting around; many of them stem from our children’s sweet little baby lisps.

For instance, my youngest daughter is often looking around the house for our “stablerizer,” which is so much better than just a regular old stapler. She’s also given us the gift of the word “yegs” (she is prone to getting this little rash behind her knees and she’ll ever so sadly tell us “my legs! my legs!”), and I’ll be so sad when she starts to pronounce the letter L correctly. There are so many other cute little sayings we love.

But one of our favorites came from a fully grown man – my father in law, who tells a very long joke to which the ending is, “Suh-plise!!”

Therefore, if I’m being real, I have to say that the best part of the tank I’m wearing is the suh-plise in the back. Don’t ya think?

This is day 5 of my 7 Days/7 Ways faux leather shorts re-mix. See Day 1 here, Day 2 here, Day 3 here, Day 4 here. I do so love to challenge myself to keep the look fresh and new.

faux leather shorts remixfaux leather shorts remixfaux leather shorts remixfaux leather shorts remix

tank – The Vintage Gypsy, shoes – Top Shop, shorts – H&M, dolly bow headband – Northernly

Nothing like a little key hole opening in the back of your tank to leave them wondering as you go. Do you have any items that look as good going as they do coming? What do you do to leave everyone with a little suh-plise?


  1. Loving the tank Cate!!! And the mispronounced words! 🙂
    Our favorite is the “ma-rote” which is how Kait says remote!

  2. Love those tanks! I have one in every color!!

    You rock leather shorts, loving every look so far! And I love the way your kids talk, I’ll be sad when they lose their baby voices too. 🙁

  3. IF I ever get to Minnesota, Vintage Gypsy will be my first stop…right on the way to your place! 🙂
    Love the tank and the headband!

  4. My family literally can’t say the word “SURPRISE” anymore, we always have to say “SUPPLIES!” as well, courtesy of the same joke told by my Grandma. 🙂

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