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October 2, 2013

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October 4, 2013

Apple Pie Smoothie

October 3, 2013
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This time of year, I cannot get enough apples.

So, after the success of my Pumpkin Spiced Smoothie, I thought I’d try to whip up an apple version. Because what’s tastier than apple pie in a cup? Well, maybe apple pie in pie form, but this was certainly healthier. 😉

I was on the hunt for a veggie to add. Spinach is always great, but I really wanted to maintain the apple color. A green smoothie just doesn’t say “pie” to me.

After chatting with some friends about it, I came up with the perfect addition: parsnip. It’s fairly sweet AND it’s white! I can’t believe I haven’t really purchased these before. They’re delicious, and I think I need to start incorporating them into my diet more often.

This smoothie was super delish – you’re going to love it. And you’ll feel great about what you’re putting in your body because it’s chock full  of healthy ingredients too. That sounds like a win all around to me!

apple pie smoothie1 medium apple (I used honeycrisp)

1 large parsnip

1/2 cup vanilla kefir

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 cup oats

1 dash allspice

1 dash cloves

1 dash cinnamon

1 dash nutmeg

Blend, and enjoy! Makes 1 serving. I always add a vitamin mix, but you could add protein powder or just about any other supplement to this to make it your own.

The thing I love most about this smoothie (and all my other recipes for them) is that it makes me feel like I’m having a treat without the guilt that goes along with having them.


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