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October 14, 2013

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October 16, 2013

DIY Coozy

October 15, 2013
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As I typed the title of this post, I had to Google how to spell coozy. Turns out, there’s no one right way.

Coozie, koozy, cozy, coozy… there are a ton of options.

However you want to spell it, this is an easy DIY – and the first of a series I’m working on with my good friend Tammy of a little punchy (who will also be selling her fantastic workout wear at our upcoming Pop Up Shop on Saturday, Nov 9th from 9am-1pm here in Prior Lake!).

The kind folks over at Leather Hide Store provided us with some beautiful (and affordable!) leather to work with, and Tammy and I are going to show you a ton of fun DIYs you can easily create for just a small monetary investment.

This coozy was inspired by a need of Tammy’s – she loves a frosty mug for her drinks, but her poor hand was practically frostbitten from drinking out of them. Now, I realize you could slip on a coozy you picked up at your last music fest, or at the gas station around the corner, but this one is ever so much cuter.

PLUS, you could always use it to adorn a mason jar vase or other decor around your home.

So here we go:

DIY coozy tutorialStep1: Measure out how much material you’ll need by wrapping it around your glass of choice.

DIY coozy tutorialStep 2: Trim the edges, using a ruler to achieve a flat end. We trimmed our leather using a roller razor.

DIY coozy tutorialStep 3: Cut a hole in one end by using a hole punch. If you don’t have a strong enough hole punch, a sharp scissor will do.

DIY coozy tutorialStep 4: Using a tie of your choice (we used another scrap of leather), poke the tie through the hole, wrap around coozy, and fasten. Tammy liked the look of using the natural end of the hide, so we went more rustic. Burlap would be a great option for the tie, or even a girly ribbon to contrast with the toughness of the leather.

Step 5: Enjoy your drink (and your warm hands!).






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