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October 16, 2013

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October 18, 2013

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October 17, 2013
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When I first shared my fall table decor, I mentioned that I had a little project in store for my kitchen set.

And then I thought, “Uh oh! Perhaps I should’ve waited until AFTER the DIY, just in case it doesn’t turn out well!”

You see, I really want a new kitchen table. Mine is battered and beaten up after years of children eating and coloring at it. But that’s the thing, I still have tons of children in my house, from play dates to coffee gatherings and women’s meetings, etc. And I don’t want to be the angry mom, frustrated that someone spilled paint on it again.

Someday I’ll have a table like the one pictured here. But until then, I’m thrilled with my DIY redo! And (sigh of relief), so is my hubby.

The best part is that, other than new paint brushes and some poly, I used materials I already had. So this project hardly cost me a thing!

First, I sanded the top coat of paint off. I didn’t get all of the black paint off (not an issue because I was using dark paint), but enough to rough it up so that it would accept a new coat. After wiping the dust off, I used a small roller brush to paint it blue (I used Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore, the same color as our lower level walls).

After three generous coats, I waited until the paint had fully dried, then used painters tape to set up the stripes, measuring to be sure I left the same amount of space between the layers of tape. I used a small roller brush for the orange stripe (in Butterscotch Glaze) as well to avoid brush marks. This color only took two coats.

Once it had all been painted and the tape was removed, I used a wipe on poly coat on top. I loved that the table has a matte look to it, even after two coats of poly, and that you can’t see brush marks because of the wipe on version.

If you’re wondering how hard this one was to do – it wasn’t. I completed this task in two and a half days, while my husband was out of town on business, as a surprise to him!

Though I’d still love to have a larger table for entertaining, I’m no longer embarrassed to have people seated at it. Now, who wants to come over for dinner? 🙂

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