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October 28, 2013

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October 30, 2013

DIY Envelope Clutch

October 29, 2013
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As you know, Tammy from a little punchy and I have been working on some DIY projects together over the last few weeks, thanks to The Leather Hide Store and their fabulous material.

You can check out our previous DIYs here and here.

Today’s project was an especially fun one for me, because I LOVE handbags. And I promise, if you can do the basics with a sewing machine, you can handle this one. I mean, I could probably handle this one, and I’m an idiot on a sewing machine.

DIY envelope clutchStep 1: Lay your material of choice out flat and get ready to measure.

DIY envelope clutchStep 2: Measure (see next photo), then use a ruler to ensure straight lines while you cut (we used a roller razor for this project, but you could use scissors.

DIY envelope clutchStep 3: We went 13.5″ wide, 26.5″ long to the tip, and 19.5″ long to the point where you begin cutting to the tip. We used fabric chalk to mark our spots.

DIY Envelope ClutchStep 4: Sew along the edge of the bag, reinforcing it a few times at the bottom and top to make sure your thread doesn’t come undone.

DIY Envelope ClutchStep 5: Decide where you want your button to go, and cut a slit for it to go through. I used a vintage earring of my grandmother’s, clipping off the earring back and sewing through the backside to adhere it to the bag.

DIY Envelope ClutchStep 5: Enjoy your fun new handbag!

For lots more DIY inspiration, click here. Have you been doing any fun projects lately that you’d like to share with us?


  1. What an amazing transformation that seems to be a quite simple DIY… and the timing is perfect! What a perfect DIY gift to give for those “hard to buy for’s ” on your Christmas list. So very sweet and sentimental to add such a special accent- grandmas earring! What a treasure! Love it! Super beautiful!

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