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November 19, 2013


November 21, 2013

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November 20, 2013
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I’ve struggled with insomnia for years.

My husband can’t understand why I come to bed and simply lie there for hours. That guy falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow.

Though I’ve been on a good streak for awhile, the last couple of weeks sleep has been back to it’s tricky ways, eluding me hour after hour.

I’ve tried every trick in the book to try to catch those precious ZZZs.

And nada.

My mind spins, thinking up every detail it has tucked away in the dusty corners, and it just can’t seem to quiet itself.

And, if I ever DO fall asleep – inevitably, one of the three little people in the house is going to come in and disturb my slumber anyhow!

Got any advice for me?

By the way, I’m a firm believer that elbow patches and a few pops of color make everything feel a little happier. I think it’s working (at least as a temporary fix). What do you think?

boyfriend jeans and chucksboyfriend jeans and chuckselbow patches, pops of colorcasual look - elbow patches, pops of color, and conversejeans – Citizens of Humanity, shoes – Converse, scarf – Target (similar), top – The Vintage Gypsy, earrings – Wild Ruffle

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If you have any ideas on how to make sleep work for me, please feel free to share them below or send me an email. I’m open to pretty much anything at this point. I’m tired of being tired. Ha!

You guys are always so great about sharing your tips and tricks. I’m hoping this time is no different, and that one of you will have the miracle cure for me.


  1. I love elbow patches! This is a great, comfy outfit. I’m also a huge fan of Converse 😉 And now I want to add a grey pair to my collection. Hope you can catch up on some sleep soon!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I am the same with my sleep (or used to, I am better now). My top tips are (and proven to really work!!):
    Drink lots of Roobios tea (calms you down and really does something about the mind working overtime)
    Go for a short walk every lunch time
    Have reflexology or use a nailmat (shakti mat – sold in Health shops or online) – Really brilliant for relaxing and helping sleep

    Hang in there! Take care xx

  3. I’m right there with you! I’ve had insomnia since I was a kid. When the cycle starts I make sure I’m organized, exercising and drinking nighttime tea. I love NatureMade’s chocolate mint melatonin tablets too. Hope this helps a little.

    BTW, love these photos of you! great colors and I totally agree!

  4. I wish I had advice for you. I am the same way. My mind races at night and I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and, once I do, staying asleep. If you figure anything out, let me know!
    I do love the elbow patches! 🙂

  5. Put a fan in your room — pointed away from the bed. Turn it on when you go to bed. The white noise will help you fall asleep and will help to keep you asleep.

  6. You look adorable! And I love these photos so much.
    Ah, sleep. I am right with you…was much worse once Ava was born and didn’t sleep for 18 months. I tried everything…melatonin, sleeping pills, rescue remedy, no screens at night, going to bed earlier/later…nothing helped.
    Now, I just take a good swig of nyquil. I know it’s not the answer but once in a while, I just need a solid sleep!

  7. I, too, love this outfit. I am heading to Vintage Gypsy this weekend and hope they still have the top. I also struggled with many years of horrible sleep…until I learned about Feng Shui. I removed things with lots of energy from my room and make sure not to have anything stored under my bed. It is amazing how much a few little things have helped.

  8. my sleep therapist told me that you have to take melatonin an hour or two hours be for you want to go to sleep. I found that advice to be very helpful. Before then I would just take melatonin right before I tried to go to sleep.she also told me there Are not any negative side effects. It can be taken long term. Hope that helps.

  9. Kate, my sleeplessness is a little different. I can fall asleep right away but I do not stay asleep. I get about three hours then my mind worries and thinks of all the things I “need” to do or think I will forget to do. I start to get anxiety while laying there and then end up flopping around like a crappie and wake my husband. I make small lists and this helps me free my mind of things I think I “need” to do or will forget if I fall back to sleep. I have tried Nyquil, Melatonin, Benadryl and all make me groggy in the morning. Somehow the lists on a small tablet seems to be the best trick for me so far. Good luck! The top looks so much cuter on you than it does on me…I will try adding a pop of color next time I wear it. 🙂

  10. I also have struggled with sleep deprivation in the past. It got to the point that I got a prescription that wasn’t addictive and it really did help. But about a year ago, I decided to go for the alternative approach and started using Melatonin. It has helped immensely. I was worried that it wouldn’t help me but it actually worked as well as the prescription did. I take it regularly, (most nights).
    Another option is meditation. I know there are dvds out there just for sleeplessness but I have never tried them myself. Hope that you find something that works well for you!

  11. In regards to insomnia, you might be deficient in magnesium? I am treated by an acupuncturist who told me about this when my children were having issues with sleep as well as my husband. He too can go to be and lie there for hours. There is a product called calm sold in most grocery stores near the pharmacy. It is basically granulated magnesium you mix with water and drink. It comes in flavors so no it doesn’t taste bad. You can heat it and drink like tea as well.

    I hope sleep returns to you soon!
    Oh and in case you are wondering if this stuff actually works? The answer is yes! My kids do the drink and my husband a swallow able magnesium tab. And if you can find a calcium/magnesium tab even better, just don’t drink it with milk and don’t consume milk after taking!

  12. Sorry to hear about the insomnia issues. I took a meditation course last year (for chronic pain that I live with) but within the class it included a relaxation/meditation exercise called a Body Scan. You might want to research various Mindful Based Meditation exercises that you could listen to via ear buds quietly while in bed to help you relax, calm the mind, relax the body and maybe sleep!! I think there are some great apps in the App Store that you can download. Sweet dreams – soon!

    1. Hi Bee,
      I too have suffered from chronic pain and am so curious about the course you mentioned that you took last year. I am hoping that it’s a recurring course and that it’s here in TC area? Id sure appreciate any info you could give me. Another question, did you find that accupuncture helped you? I did it for a while but I never really noticed that it helped. What was your experience?

      1. The course is called Seeds of Mindfulness and it is in the TC. Judith Lies is the instructor and you can find details at her website – I have tried many holistic practices (along with functional medicine) to treat my various conditions and have found, like you, short term relief. But relief – non the less – and sometimes that is what is needed!!

  13. Stopping by from WIWW! Love the sweater with the elbow patches, very fun! I wish I could help with the insomnia. I had problems sleeping during my last months of grad school, but that helped me finish writing my thesis.

    <3 Vicki

  14. This will sound counterintuitive, but it totally works for me. I, too, was never able to turn off my brain and constantly rehashed my to-do list or replayed events of the day, which, just like you, kept me from falling asleep. Then I started playing DVD’s of a tv series on a portable DVD player or laptop that sits on my nightstand – sometimes with headphones and sometimes without. I’ve gone through the series over and over and can practically recite the dialogue. I’m not interested in what happens, because I already know, so it doesn’t keep me awake. Instead, I focus in on what they’re saying (I close my eyes and just listen rather than watch) instead of my to-do list. My brain shuts down and I go right to sleep. Any time I don’t have it, such as when i travel, I lie awake and ruminate for hours. It’s completely contrary to all the “sleep hygiene” info out there, but it works for me. Totally weird, I know, but it’s my “white noise” and it works great for me. Hope you can find a good remedy!

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  16. Awe man, hope you can catch some zzzz’s soon.
    Do you lay awake and think of how great this look is? It’s pretty great! 🙂
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