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December 11, 2013

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December 13, 2013

DIY Sweater Pillow

December 12, 2013
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Tammy from a little punchy is back today with another great DIY for us! Read on for her super cute DIY Sweater Pillow!

With redesigning/recycling always on my mind, I swiped a sweater from my husband’s donation bag, knowing there was something amazing I could make.  After making boot socks and arm warmers, all that remained was the middle section with unfinished edges.

What to do?  What to do?  Ah ha!  Sweater pillow… oh yeah, baby!  Easy and perfect for any cold weather decor.

You too can follow these easy steps to create the look.  If your husband isn’t giving any sweaters away, thrift stores have some fantastic sweaters just waiting to be repurposed, or you could visit the fabric store to buy any knitwear/sweater material to achieve a similar look.

Step 1:  Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea (obviously you don’t HAVE to do this step but I highly recommend it), fabric (sweater), velcro, sharp scissors, and a pillow.

Step 2:  Cut the sweater to the pillow’s size.

DIY Sweater Pillow

Step 3:  Sew (or glue or heck, even staple if that’s all you have available!) the pillow case together.  Put the right sides facing each other so you are sewing the wrong sides out.  (This makes the seams invisible when turn it right side out in the end).  Now, I’m lucky enough to have an industrial serger (my not-so-secret love… speed, ease & uniform stitches) so I used this for 3 sides of my pillow.

Step 3b:  Leave an opening so you can insert your pillow on the 4th side.  I used my regular sewing machine (Zig-zag stitch) for the 4th side of the pillowcase to show it is a great option as well.  If you don’t own a machine, like my friend Cate :-), use a needle & thread (it’ll just take longer but it works the same) or use permeant fabric glue (follow the directions to ensure it’s strength before inserting the pillow, it’s going to need to dry for many hours, but again… it’ll work too!)

Refashion old sweater

Step 4:  Turn your pillow right side out.  Separate the velcro, attach the top & bottom to each side of the opening.  I used velcro but you can use any form of closure that you prefer (e.g. zipper, buttons, etc).  Fabric glue is even an option if you don’t ever want to remove the pillow again.  Clip any hanging thread and insert your pillow.  Voila!

Refashion an old sweater into a pillow

Step 5:  Accessorize your new sweater pillow!  I love options so I didn’t want to be limited to a Christmas pillow.  I opted to leave it plain vs adding a Christmas tree or Reindeer… but that’s up to you.  Instead I added a ribbon.  I can easily remove it on December 26th.  I’m thinking about adding a snowflake or something wintery after the new year.  Be creative!  You can use anything to match your decor or leave it simply naked.

Old sweater to Winter pillow

Enjoy!  I’d love to see pictures if this inspires you to create your own sweater pillow masterpiece!

With accessories…

DIY sweater pillow

And without…  This is my favorite way.  How about you?

warm & cozy DIY sweater pillow

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