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Tammy Hiveley - January 6, 2014

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WR Fitness Series – Let’s Get Started

Tammy Hiveley - January 7, 2014
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Are you joining the wave of people working off those holiday pounds?

Well… the Wild Ruffle girls are happy to be back in the gym after enjoying the fabulous holiday break!

We are dedicating a few posts to bring you a multi-part series on Fitness.  We found a few professionals to dish up some hot tips just for you!

So let’s get your body movin’ and groovin’!

Dawn Dowsett (training out of Milan, Illinois) is making getting started easy with these simple steps:Dawn Dowsett competition

#1: MOTIVATION.  What’s yours?  a skinny pair of jeans, a class reunion, being healthy for your children?  Find whatever it is for you and hold onto it when things get tough!

#2: GET HELP.  A trainer with a nutritional background can motivate, instruct and educate through the entire process.  Dawn suggests if hiring a trainer isn’t in your budget, find a friend to keep you accountable!  A work-out buddy is key to keeping it fun so you continue to come back day after day.  Make it your lifestyle. Dawn Dowsett training

#3: STAY ACTIVE.  It improves your cardiopulmonary system, but remember flexibility, cardio and WEIGHT RESISTANCE are important factors in your success!

You don’t want to miss out on DAWN’S FITNESS TIPS OF THE DAY!  Here’s a condensed version:

*Drink at least 64oz of water a day.

*Keep a food journal (studies prove this helps).

*5-6 mini meals per day (eat less more often).

*Portion control!

*Multi-vitamins and supplements (know the roll they play in achieving results).

*Education, motivation and accountability (makes you want the lifestyle change).

*Cardio at least 3 times a week (know your target heart rate to achieve different goals~ 220-yourage=max heart rate).

*Resistance Training 2-3 times a week (helps remove excess body fat).


*Surround yourself with positive influences.  A NO fail environment.

*Set realistic goals (don’t set yourself up for disappointment/failure).

*Healthy activities (include the whole family)

*Hard work (don’t forget to reap the benefits/rewards of your hard work!

Email for more training tips.


We have joined forces with some pretty amazing ladies so stay tuned for Part II of the Wild Ruffle Fitness Series to give you a few tips and tricks to Pump You Up.


  1. I love Dawn’s take on a healthy lifestyle! What a fantastic outlook…..being healthy so you can be optimal in all you do! Love this blog Tammy and Cate!

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