February 12, 2014

Sochi Fashion 2014

February 13, 2014

Break The Chains of Love

February 12, 2014
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Break the chains of love… gold chains, that is.

wildruffleCate and I did a little retail therapy to wipe away the gloomy days.

I found some color!  Not a lot of color …but baby steps people.

I can honestly say, my eyes are rarely drawn to red or even yellow, but blue, blue is no stranger to my shopping bag.

I L-O-V-E all shades of blue, so when I spotted these faux-suede gold tiger pointy toe flats (long enough description?)… I HAD to have them!

Charming Charlie‘s had them on clearance in my exact size for only $14.99!

Total joy and excitement filled my heart.

Fabulous deal on fabulous shoes!  SCORE one for Tammy’s team!  {who really is just my hubby who has to foot the bill…pun intended}

wildruffle-3OK, you ready for this next deal of the week?!

I grabbed a friend a pair of sunnies at a her request and the bright and cheery sales associate says, “$2.13.”

I exclaimed, “Say what?!”

“Yes, they are on sale.”

Immediate response, “Make it 2, please!”

I had to snag my own… especially since mirrors are coming back IN for spring ’14!

Now, I’m ready for this trend and it won’t even sting when my 9 or 11 year old steals them or my 4 year old steps on them.

I’m sitting pretty… literally.

DSC_0090Across from Charming Charlie‘s is a fabulous boutique called Apricot Lane.  The moment you step into this shop, you’ll want it all.  It’s balance of classic silhouettes and inspiring trends is such a treat to shop.

Wanna see my goodies?DSC_0086Even though I’m not drawn to reds or yellows, I could not deny these gold chains on a denim shirt.  Yes, quite possibly it was the blue that pulled me in but I do love it.  An old classic with a twist.

Apricot Lane also sports fun, quirky accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.  As soon as I saw this King of the Cross gold chain, I grabbed it and wouldn’t put it down!

All mine now.  Yesss! {insert fist pump}

DSC_0087Cate and I have gotten really good at freezing our paTooties off, just to take an outfit pic.  But sometimes you just need to cover up, so why not do it in style with this ultra soft, ultra warm, ultra kewl {sorry, 11 year old lingo} Northernly cable knit scarf.

wildruffle- Warm scarf as hoodieWhat deals have you found lately?

Come on share…Dish it girl… we ALL want to know where to go to find those amazing deals!!

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