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February 12, 2014

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February 14, 2014

Sochi Fashion 2014

February 13, 2014
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Let’s talk Olympics.  {everyone else is doin’ it}

Let’s talk Olympic fashion.

Glorious Golds and epic fails.

Olympic fashion fabulous coming right up:

Johnny Weir, need I say more?

Johnny Weir in retro pink ChanelI’d love to hear your thoughts on this gem that’s dominating the fashion scene in Sochi.

Tara L And Johnny W at the Olympics
Johnny Weir Olympics 2014
These sweaters have gotten a lot of heat, being deemed the “Ugly Christmas sweater”.  I feel alone in my love for what Ralph Lauren did, right down to the adorable knit stocking cap.  But then again, I like different.  I am different.

US team sweatersBurton’s Snowboarding jacket is pretty gnarly.  The cool distressed quilt added to their grungy-and-only-care-about-the-Xgames attitude but gave it a fresh new vibe. Congratulations ladies!  We are so proud of you!  {We love you Shawn White, even without the gold around your neck!}

wmn snowboardersAnd this helmet…not a lot of fashion here… but it’s down right, no-denyin’-it, All-American.  Who could hate on this?  Rock it, Katie!

Katie Uhlaender skeleton trainingLook at Lolo and Jaime’s sass-a-frass.  Own it girls, you’re lookin’ good.

Lolo Jones and Jamie GreubelNow what we’ve all been waiting for…  Glitz and Glam… sparkle, sparkle and even more sparkle.  And as Vera Wang was quoted, “It’s more pressure [making an Olympic skating costume] than making an Oscar dress in a strange way.”  It’s true… the world’s eyes are all on you.  I couldn’t just stick with US costumes so I branched out to other countries to find my favs.

The adorable Ashley Wagner with her ‘thumbs up’ instead of the well-publicized annoyed ‘that stinks’ expression.  Smiling always lends better to beauty.

Ashley thumbs upLook at the twirl on this dramatic black swan?  Simply beautiful.

Elena & Nikita 2014Gracie Gold sparkles and floats in this breathtaking blue.

Gracie Gold 2014Stunning black zebra all wrapped up in sequins.  Love.

natalia-popova black sparkleI’m a sucker for a twirly skirt {call me a girly girl but it’s true}.

paige-lawrence sparkleI seem to be an optimist because I’m loving the fun funky fashion that our crazy Olympic world came up with this year.  Why be boring?  Why do the expected?  Have fun with fashion, live a little.  Make yourself known.  Be the talk of the town.  That’s why I’m sneaking this one on my Like List… {and I AM the only one that likes this}

The Pink Panther!!  What?!  Am I nuts?  I know you’re all thinking that right now.  Are you questioning my fashion taste?  Well fine, be that way… but you can not deny that she leaped off the screen in that brilliant neon pink unitard!  …And the play off of her partner’s blue Inspector suit was eye catching.  I understand if you thought it was too much, but I found it intriguing so I put it on my Like List.  I’m owning my Likes whether you like it or not.  😉

Pink panther-Aliona SavchenkoThat being said… I only had a few Epic fashion failures {and not because it was ugly bc I seem to be enjoying the ‘ugly’ this season…but because I found it rather boring}:

Why combine a blazer and a puffy jacket?  No, please don’t France.

France Sochi blazersNorway curling got the interesting vote, but I couldn’t like it too.

Norway-Olympic-Curling-3117105Israel’s purple get-ups had too much going on, but not in a good way.

Andrea Davidovich & Evgeni Krasnopolski — IsraelMy favorite review… TweetleDee and TweedleDumb lost a bunch of weight.  Awh, that’s mean… but I laughed when I read it.  I agree.  Not the good ‘ugly’.

Miriam Ziegler & Severim Kiefer — AustriaItaly, I’ve come to expect more from you.  really.

Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek — ItalyDo you think my fashion thoughts are blinded by my emotional tears of joy and/or concern with each and every Olympic story that I hear?

What Sochi fashions are your favorite?  Even better, what do you love to hate?


  1. The 1st guy (or is that a girl?) looks hideous, if u ask me, and I agreed with the mainstream of peeps that despised the Ralph Lauren ugly, way-too-much-goin-on UA sweaters. However l loved a lot of the ice skating costumes, including Ashley Wagner and that hot pink unitaryd! I actually loved it and thought she was smokin hot in it! 🙂 The distressed look of the snowboarders (USA) is pretty cool lookin and I love how Shaun White had a different, tighter pant…versus the baggier snow pant look. He is sooooo cool! Nice fashreview, Girly!!

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