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February 19, 2014

Fall Fashion Week but let’s chat spring instead

February 20, 2014

Home Tour – Front Entry

February 20, 2014
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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a home tour (you can see other rooms in my house here, here, here, and here) and I thought it was time to bring you another peek of how I live.

In our last home, storage was always an issue. So when we built this one, I wanted to be sure we had more than enough.

The thing I love about this front entry space is that we have storage in abundance.

There are two huge drawers under the bench that house a myriad of toys, games, and other children’s items (which helps to keep those items off my floor!).

And the hooks make things super easy for our guests. No more rooting around for hangers in an overstuffed closet – people can hang their jackets right there. It makes hosting easy. People can find their jackets easily when they’re heading out the door too, instead of waiting for my help in the closet.

I’m still working out a color for the bench cushion (which is why there still isn’t one). I change my color scheme so often that I’m wary of committing to one for the bench! Right now my house is going toward monochromatic blue… but just a few months ago it was full of rusts!

Do you change your color scheme on a whim, or do you stick to the same one?

front entry bench and hooksfront entry bench and pillowsfront entry hooks instead of closet

What does your front entry look like? Does it have great storage? We’re always looking for new ideas for future spaces.


  1. Oh I absolutely love those hangers in the front! I bought some to hang up solo (although I like yours better) and they just fell right out of our wall. My husband and I both aren’t really handy so they just stayed like that. Such a bummer. I really want to find a way to get them to stay & have a nice entry way! Love yours!

  2. I love the mix of wood and painted wood. And the two big drawers where you can throw lots of stuff and it’s out of sight. Great post, and I enjoyed looking at the other rooms in your house!


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