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March 24, 2014

Dressing Down

March 25, 2014
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This was my third time attending the ARENA Dances Arena Bikini Fashion Show, and I have to say – it may have been my favorite thus far.

The Cherry Bomb 50s retro theme was so much fun – I had a great time getting my cat eye makeup all set before I went (how often can you put on caterpillar thick faux eyelashes and fit right in?).

The Trix & Treats Alley was  great – everything from a tattoo parlor, a kissing booth, cigarette girls, and various other pin up style products were represented. And the cake pops were divine.

Having spent many a year in dancing shoes, I love the combination of dance and fashion that this show always provides. And this year they even added roller girls – and some canine sidekicks too!

We sat by the men of TIM+THOM, and I loved their denim swimwear.

And on the ride home, I scared a grown man.

Soon after jumping in the car, I knew I needed to stop for gas. Another car pulled up at the same time, and as we got out of our cars I said, “Great night for bare legs, huh?” He took one look at me, shrieked a little, got back into his car and zipped away.

As I checked my car mirror, I realized that, without the furry eyelashes I had immediately ripped off my eyes upon getting in the car, my crazy cat eyeliner half an inch above my lash line made me look like an insane person had done my makeup.

Looking forward to next year!

Scenes from Arena BikiniClockwise: Tammy and I (wearing SheCloth, Anna Sui, and vintage bags), the awesome Cherry Bomb sign, posing with some friends (including Kirk from the Bachelorette).

friends at Arena BikiniJennifer and Heather enjoying some cake pops, signature Cherry Bomb drinks, the designers with Matthew Janczewski (founder and artistic director), the scene at Aria.

the showRoller girls and the guest models – some gorgeous dogs!

scenes from Arena BikiniMatthew Janczewski poses with friends, Tammy thinks she’s a pin-up, and the Wild Ruffle girls with Zhenya.

The show benefitted the Main Street Project, exploring how our world has been changed by the information and technology driven lives we lead.

main street





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