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March 31, 2014

KOKOON is Popping Up With Us!

April 1, 2014

Mine – All Mine!

April 1, 2014
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My office space at home has always been in flux.

I’ve shared with my husband.

I’ve been in the basement.

I do projects at the kitchen table with the kids.

But after three years of being in business, we decided it was time to get some space that’s all my own.

Enter, the nook.

This cozy space and built in desk has been here since we first moved in, but we never used it as a desk. Instead, I stored gift bags and other random things in the drawers.

But now I’ve got a spot that belongs solely to me – the drawers are dedicated to the blog and shop. Right now they’re filled with all things Pop Up Shop related!

The office space isn’t large, but it’s well organized, and most importantly – it’s filled with things that have meaning to me. It’s also filled with functional items, like the desk and chair. These are true essentials for any home office worth its salt. When furnishing a room for office use, consider shopping online for furniture; you can often find some really good products at decent prices.

making the most of a tiny office

lamp updated with trimI took a simple lamp, and updated it using trim from UFab. They had tons of affordable options, and it made the lamp seem so much more special. The flowers were given to me by my friend Heather when I had my recent surgery. I love that they only require three ice cubes a week – even I can remember to do that! The candle was a Christmas gift from another friend, and smells delish – and it makes me think of her when I’m typing.

This jar is a reminder of sweet friends. I went away for a girls’ weekend a few months back, and we wrote words of encouragement to each other on rocks and put them in the jar. On hard days, it’s nice to see the jar and remember the beautiful things written there.

inspiration board - a must for every office!This inspiration board is filled with favorite things. Right now I’ve got Aztec prints, metallic home decor, an orphanage in Uganda, nail trends, and more all getting my daily creative juices going.

Handmade MN sign from Allison Marie DesignThis handmade sign, from Allison Marie Design has two of my favorite things combined – my home state, and GLITTER! Doesn’t get better than that!

Sparkle Conference bookA girl has to be surrounded by pretty things and pretty sayings when she’s working hard – my notebook reminds me to Shine On, and the book mark to Shine Bright Like a Diamond. I got both from a conference I attended last year, and it’s such a great daily reminder.

Do you have a spot that’s all your own in your home?


  1. AHHH!! I love it all! I honestly think even though its a small nook, it is sort of perfect! I love ALL the details!! I share my office space with the hubs but luckily he is kind enough to let me decorate it and basically take over the whole space…but now my wheels are turning for a few updates after seeing yours! P.S. I want a sparkly state sign!!! I’m totally checking our her shop!!

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