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April 2, 2014


April 3, 2014

WR Shape Series – Perfectly Pear

April 3, 2014
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Welcome back to the WR Shape Series.  Today we are focusing on Pear shape bodies.  This is the most common women’s body shape.  More clothes should be designed specifically for this body type, don’t you think?  All you pears, Unite and revolt!  😉

Famous celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kristin Davis and Jennifer Lopez have publicly made this body shape sexy-sexy.  Now meet my friend, Noemi, who’s sexy sassy pear shape is partnered perfectly with her gorgeous smile and fantastic auburn hair.

wildruffle-Noemi HedricksHaving color toward your face helps to bring attention upward.  Noemi choose a pop of purple to show off her slim arms while the colorful Urban Halo scarf added elements of playfulness.

wildruffle- Noemi HedricksDressing the bottom half of her body in darker, neutral tones camouflaged any body challenges she might be feeling.  Always highlight your best features.  There is always something you love best about yourself… use it!

wildruffle- Noemi HedricksI suggested a belt for Noemi, but being that she doesn’t like wearing belts, she chose to go belt-free.  Which is A-OK with me.

Just because I’m telling you what your body shape might look best in, doesn’t mean you should compromise what feels right or comfortable on you.  The bottom line is, you be you and nothing else {I can’t say that enough}.  I’m merely giving suggestions to be a better looking you.  Noemi, intelligently picked a tunic with diagonal pocket details, creating an arrow to her small waist.  Great job, girl!  Also, check out her Wild Ruffle necklace!

wildruffle- Noemi HedricksThe pear, also known as Spoon, Bell, A shape, or Triangle downward, means that your hips and lower half of your body are larger than your top half.  Check out the quiz here to find out your body shape.  You generally have a thin, well defined waistline.  You have lean arms and shoulders with a small chest.  You carry your weight down in your hips, bootie and legs.

{Easy To Wear}:

1)  Focus everything upward.  Your best features are on your upper body.  Colors, patterns, textures, ruffles all add interest and excitement, use them up here.  Details around your neck, whether it be statement jewelry or plunging necklines add touches of fabulous-ness to your face.  Accent your positives!

Pear -old navy tie blouseAnne Klein Ruffle blouse

Old Navy -Tie blouse/Anne Klein Ruffle blouse

2)  Layering works for you.  Adding dimension and visual balance can work in your favor.  Try layering with a scarf or cardigan or cropped jacket.


 Pear -Rosily Tweed JacketLevi's Authentic Trucker Jacket

Rosily Tweed Jacket -Anthropologie/Levi’s -Authentic Trucker Jacket

3)  Fitted (not tight) tops are your best bet.  If you want to wear something flowy or loose, make sure you show off your sexy shoulders or your lean, mean biceps so you aren’t covering up your hotness and drowning in your clothes.

 Pear -ASOS camiNanette Lepore Visionary top

ASOS backless cami/Nanette Lepore -Visionary top

4)  Anything belted or drawn in at the waist.  Creating special attention to your slender midsection.

  Pear -ASOS Classic TrenchAnne Klein -Drape Neck Top

ASOS Classic Trench/Anne Klein Draped top

5)  Soft fabrics that drape gently down your curves make a nice transition to your lower body.  Soft A-Shaped skirts or dresses sweetly camouflage your wider hips as long as it starts at your natural waist (not your hips).  Be careful though, a stiff A-Shape will just add unwanted width to your bottom half.  Just as tight knit skirts will cling and accentuate areas you don’t want taking center stage.

                   Pear body shape-Rhyme Los Angeles dressPear -Intimately Womens dress -Free People

Piperlime -Rhyme Los Angeles dress/Free People-Intimately Women Crochet dress

6)  Pants should be simple and subtle.  Dark obviously hides the most.  The bottom-line {pun completely intended} goal is to lay-low and don’t scream Look At Me Look At Me.  Keep the silhouette to straight legs, boot or wide.  Unless you are wearing tall boots that need leggings try and stay away from skinny pants.  Although, if you like to rock a tunic that has coverage over your back side then it’s OK to wear leggings.  Don’t worry, the tall boots will balance out the tight pants.  {go for cool riding boots vs. tight boots}

7)  Stick to tailored, flat front pants with clean lines.  Stay away from pleated pants or detailed pant pockets.  They drive the eyes straight to your hips.

Pear -Mavi Molly jeansPear body shape -jcrew trousers

Mavi “Molly” jeans -Nordstrom/J.Crew Pinstripe Trouser

If you’re bummin’ because you took the quiz above and this post didn’t help you because you’re a Hourglass, click HERE.  Or Straight, click HERE.

Stay tuned for our next post on Women’s Body Shapes, the amazing Apple.

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  1. Girl you hit this right on the mark! I’m a pear and try to do all the things you’ve listed. I was really looking at the tweed jacket and denim jacket you shared. I do wear things like this all the time and love it when the top peeks out underneath. I’ve tried so hard to wear the loose cardigans that are so popular now but they look terrible and aren’t a good choice. Sometimes I think my shoulder/chest area and my lower half are from two different people but when I take care to choose things that show off shoulders and arms, it all works. Thanks for your great ideas!

  2. Oh I had to come back and leave this for others – Loft has Curvy or Julie cut pants and jeans that fit every time. I catch them on sale regularly.

  3. I’ve been following your body type series and have learned some great tips. What about underneath? Different body types call for different types of bras. For Example: a Pear should look for push-up and padded bras to help balance out ample hips and avoid bralettes and minimizing bras that compress and deemphasize breast. Amy Holland – The Bra Lady

  4. Ok so I have a question, I used to be pear shaped and had a flat tummy before having kids, but now after kids I have a pear shaped body with a tummy, do you have any recommendations for different styles as now having to try different things? I saw this from Noemi’s Facebook, this is another Naomi from England

    1. Awh, yes, this is very common and the Combo body is an upcoming post too! Most of us have combo’s of some sort. Focus on something you love about yourself. Do you enjoy your shoulders or chest? Usually if you gained in your belly then you gained in your chest… is this your case? Otherwise, choose tops that graze your frame… not too snug and definitely not loose. You may feel more comfortable with big baggy shirts but I’m telling you… it only makes you appear larger than you really are. I hope this helps a little. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  5. Yes am defo a combo then, yes thanks for replying that does make sense, my chest area is fine, so I will go with tops that look good near my chest, then I think your right about the size of the tops, I have been doing that, not too tight but not too baggy either. Thanks very helpful, one more question if going for a dress what style would be best do you think? Thanks Na

    1. I’d look for for an empire waist. That way the tightest part of the dress is just below your chest to showcase those ladies… then the rest of the dress can gently skim your body the rest of the way down without showing every curve. A stiffer fabric may feel good on you as well. It will cover up any bumps you don’t want shown. Also, unfortunately, babies do funny things to our bodies, so this is the age where Spanx isn’t a bad idea on a night out. 🙂 It’s not for everyday, just use on special occasions.
      All that being said, normally I wouldn’t suggest empire style on a pear but you may be a special case. 🙂 I hope it works well for your combo. Let me know, I’m curious!

  6. Great thanks for the advice, I have some weddings to go to in the next few weeks so will be trying on some dresses I shall try out your advice, thanks brilliant advice

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