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April 11, 2014

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April 11, 2014

WR Shape Series – Apple

April 11, 2014
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Welcome back to the WR Body Shape Series. It’s all about the Apple shape today!

Click these links to learn how to dress for an hourglass shape, pear shape, or rectangle.

If you still haven’t figured out what shape you are, go to Your Body Rocks and take the quiz. If it turns out you are like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Drew Barrymore, Sigourney Weaver and Angelina Jolie, then listen up because I’m about to tell you how to dress your apply bod.

Now meet my friend Heather, whom much like Angelina Jolie, has a HUGE heart for giving of her time, money and resources to charitable organizations.  She recently started a charitable business,  They are working on changing the way you give gifts.  What if every gift you gave was helping to alleviate poverty in the world?  What if each gift was unique and handmade with a background story?   Think of the possibilities of this!  I’m so proud and excited for her new adventure.  Check out their website and Facebook page.  Good people doing good stuff.  One last thing… If you’re looking for a fundraiser, start with Gifts4Change, they want to partner with you!

wildruffle- Heather's Apple ShapeHeather draws attention to her beautiful face with this happy, ready-for-spring scarf.  The stark white Tshirt peeking through her sweater brings your eyes to her upper body, taking away from the darker mid-section.  Perfect.  Her sweater drops slightly below her hips and is gently fitted yet not too snug camouflaging any unwanted bumps throughout her middle.  Heather is wearing straight leg jeans, which look wonderful on her, but just adding a little bit of width to the lower half of her legs would balance out her upper half perfectly.  If it wasn’t so cold out, I would’ve suggested a skirt.  Show me the money, Heather!

wildruffle- Heather's Apple Shape wildruffle- Heather's Apple ShapeApple Body Shapes:  You have a wide torso, broad shoulders, a full bust, upper back and waist. Your shoulders are most likely wider than your hips.  Apple shapes tend to have thinner yet rounded arms, legs and hips. You store fat in your mid-section.  {Photo tip:  Turn slightly to the side, just as Heather is above… it hides your broad shoulders yet emphasizes your shapely chest}

Your goal is to focus on your assets; Your face, your chest but mostly your gorgeous legs!

{Easy To Dos}

1)   Add any excitement and details around your chest area and below your hips.  Keep the area in between simple so you aren’t drawing attention to the middle part of your body.

Apple Shape -Soprano plus size vneckApple Shape -American Rag tank

Soprano Plus Size V-neck/American Rag Beaded Tank Top

2)  Emphasize your bust.  Wear V-necks, button-down shirts, strapless and plunging necklines but in a tasteful manner, of course.  Maximize your assets!  Halters and boatnecks can make your shoulders appear broader so try to cut these from your closet.

Apple shape-Motel Jet playsuitApple Shape -Gap shirtdress

Motel playsuit/Gap Shirtdress

3)  Soft fabrics work best for you, stay away from stiff bulky fabrics.  Keeping your clothing slightly fitted will avoid a thicker look that can add unwanted pounds to your chest and tummy area.

Apple Shape -Free People lace tunicApple Shape -Hazel Tiered Dress

Free People Lace Tunic/Shop Ruche Tiered Dress

4)  While big belts aren’t generally your BFFs, shirts with ruching add definition to your midsection without defining it.  Give that a try!

Apple Shape -Style &Co Ruched T

Macy’s Style&Co Ruched T

5)  Add a lightweight jacket or an open cardigan to give curves and shape to your figure.  Color blocking your outfit can be a creative way to draw attention to your positives.  Try to pick one pattern that goes all the way up and down your body.  It tends to minimize your belly and elongates your shape.

Apple Shape -color block cardiApple Shape -Mara Hoffman shirt dress

Oasap Limited Colorblock Cardi/Mara Hoffman shirt dress

6)  Your tops should fall lower than your hip bones.  Tunics look cute on you if they fall gently off your chest.

Forever21 - everyday sweaterApple Shape -Windsor beaded tunic

Forever21 Everyday Sweater/Windsor Beaded Tunic

7)  High waistline, A-line or empire waisted dresses & skirts look great on you.  You should choose shorter over longer lengths.  Show those leggies off!  But remember to do the “Sit Down” test before you leave your house.  Can I sit or bend over to pick up my keys and still be covered up?  If NO, then you know your answer.  Go change please.

Apple Shape - Free People Fiesta DressApple Shape - Style Stalker dress

Free People Fiesta Dress/Style Stalker dress

8)  Look At My Legs!  You might be mistaken, thinking skin tight pants are great for you.  They probably fit really well!  But I caution you:  you need to create balance to your figure.  Tight pants make your legs look smaller while your waist appears even larger.  Balance it all out.  Bootcut, wide-leg or straight cut flatter your shape the best.  You are one of the only shapes that can pull off decorative pocket details!!  You have my permission to rock those Miss Me jeans that all the ladies love so much!  Stay away from low-rise, it creates a killer muffin-top that no one wants.

Apple Shape -My Pant's casual pantsApple Shape -Miss Me jeans

My Pant’s Casual Pants/Miss Me Jeans

9)  Compliment your legs with fabulous shoes.  Platforms, wedges, heels, pointed toe flats.  Don’t pick anything overly bulky, it’ll make your legs appear too small yet don’t grab kitten heels that won’t give your shoulders the right amount of balance.  {Shoe tip:  Nude shoes, sandals or boots also elongate your legs}

Apple Shape -Fergie Graze nude

Fergie Grazie Nude heels

If you missed the other body shapes, click Hourglass, Straight, and Pear to find out what’s best for you.

Up next…  Tall Lady!




  1. Hi,

    I disagree with some tops you posted for the apple shaped women.
    If you would put pictures of actual apple shaped women with the same tops they would look FAT.
    Those tops are beautiful but not flattering for apple shaped women.
    Sorry that’s how I feel:)

    1. Thank you Cyner for commenting. I agree with the fact that I wish I had apple shape models to show you. Clothing companies don’t generally use this body shape so I could reference for you. My apologies for that.
      my best, Tammy

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