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June 3, 2014

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June 5, 2014

Jump for Jumpsuits

June 4, 2014
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History of Jumpsuits

A brief history of the jumpsuit {nothing that a simple google search won’t spit out – yet I’ve done it for you!}:

The first jumpsuit was invented by Florentine Thayat in the Palazzo Pitti Collection in 1919.  Later, became a a cult-classic piece for sci-fi thrillers.  Then transitioned into utilitarian for Aviators, parachutists, skiers & race-car drivers; still used today for manual laborers as well.

Back to the fashion-side of things:  The 1960s brought the jumpsuit into fashion with Sophia Loren and Liz Taylor donning this dramatic uniform.  The jumpsuit still continues to come in and out of fashion.  Women have taken this trend over yet Elvis & Prince so iconically called it their own as well {but that’s all the men I can think of}.  So there you go, now you’re a little smarter…go impress your friends.  😉

Is it wrong that when I wear a jumpsuit this is what I think I look like?  I strut around like only my good curves are showing and the not-so-great ones are disguised.  I feel sexy in a modest sort-of way.  Remember when I wore this jumpsuit?

Jumpsuit body image

I’ve had my eyes on a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe.  Which one do you like best?  I always love a good vote to help out my decision!Jumpsuits I want

   Boohoo Blossom jumpsuit / Maaji Love Plunder Cover Up Jumpsuit / ASOS bird jumpsuit

The other day I had to run to the Apple store at MOA {iPad fix}, then off to the Design Center {new construction fun}, then to a friend’s house for a quick chat {new camera discussion}.  All the while, I easily juggled my 4 year old accomplice AND felt like a million bucks in my new black and white chevron jumpsuit from VonMaur.

Tammy in jumpsuit Tammy with picnic table in a jumpsuit.jpg Tammy zig-zag jumpsuit Tammy zigzag jumpsuit Tammy's jumper

My only complaint is that I wish this jumper worked with heels.  I did try it before I ran out the door but it just wasn’t working.  The hem raised like a flash flood warning was in effect.  So I opted to keep my hem on the ground.  I grabbed for my old favorite, genie slip-ons.  Next time I plan to tight roll the bottom to see if then I can pair it with heels.  It’s worth a shot, I think.

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  1. I love a good jumpsuit. Your chevron one is so cute. It looks amazing on you! I love the slouchy Maaji one featured above, too. I think tight rolling the bottoms is a great solution to wearing it with heels!

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