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June 4, 2014

Summer Camp Shirt DIY

June 5, 2014
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How many boring camp shirts can you collect before your child’s dresser drawers are overflowing?

Lots.  That’s right.

If your girls are anything like mine then they refuse to wear a boxy “boy” shirt.  Usually reduced to scrunching the back of the baggy T with a hair tie knot.  I’m frankly sick of this look by now.  Anyone with me?

Come on, girls!  Let’s try something different.

Here’s an easy DIY:  Refresh a Summer Camp shirt into a fabulous work of art!

Camp Tshirt DIY Sleeves

Now that the sleeves have been Be-U-tified, let’s move onto the back.

Camp Tshirt DIY

Once you get the hang of it… I promise, it becomes addicting {well it did for me anyway}.  A few simple cuts and twists creates a one-of-a-kind Camp Shirt for your little fashionista.  {Make sure she is OK wearing an under tank because she’ll need it}

OR if you’d rather; cut and twist on the sleeves, or the sides.  The placement is up to you!

Maybe your little man wants a spider web across his back!  It would be the same process.  Just push the all the twists to the side and do a few more middle twists.  Do 4 or 5 rounds verses the 2 rounds of twists I showed you.

Just think…  The sky’s the limit.  Happy cutting and twisting Super Mom!



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