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June 11, 2014

Wild About Screen Print Ts

June 13, 2014

Why can’t I be a mermaid?

June 12, 2014

Splash movie -1984

Remember her?

This is the first time I crimped my hair.  Daryl Hannah in Splash made waves in the hair industry, lit-er-ally.  Every little girl I knew wanted to be a mermaid.  Madison even became the ‘play’ name of choice!  Did I just date myself?… and not in a good way!  Darn.

The kinky locks trend came and went but guess what?!  They’re back for Summer 2014!

I’m choosing to update the trend abit with a looser curl.  Not sure if I should do the tight crimp this time around.  I’m too old.

After some brief research, I believe the difference between the Beachy Waves of last year and the Mermaid Waves this year; is that the beach curls are more random.  I get my beach wave by alternating curls from one direction to the other with each curl.  The Mermaid wave requires all the curls to go in the same direction.  Making the wave uniform.

You can get the updated Mermaid Waves in less than 5 mins!  Unbelievably so easy.  Just follow these simple steps.

Remember when I rocked this hair?  Well here’s how to get it…

mermaid for medium length hair

If you’d like a tighter wave or a crimped look, curl smaller sections.  I’m partial to a big wave… honestly, it’s just plain faster.  And I like fast.  It only takes 10 fat curls with my thin hair and I’m done!

I use finishing spray when I’m headed out for an adventurous evening.  Any normal day, I like to leave it al’naturale.  Hairspray tends to weigh my hair down so I skip it most of the time.  If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, then spray and scrunch so you look fabulously-mermaid-y all day long.

Now you too can get your mermaid on!

Is it true that mermaids have more fun?!


  1. Your hair looks so good!! I went through a phase where I would straighten my hair and crimp small sections. I thought it was pretty glamorous 😉

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