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June 16, 2014

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June 18, 2014

Build Your Own Terrarium

June 17, 2014
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Remember when I shared Mel’s home decor and mentioned that she was queen of the succulents?

Well, it’s true. She is.

And she’s back today to share her tips on how to quickly and easily build your own terrarium with succulents.

Here’s your shopping list: soil, rocks, containers, sheet moss, plants. Be sure to get plants of varying sizes – in mine, we used one larger plants, two medium sized ones, and a small one to add depth. Many terrariums are made with enclosed containers – but for this newbie, Mel suggested an open one, as the moisture levels are easier to control.

Keep scrolling for instructions on how to DIY this pretty planting.

build your own terrarium in just a few easy stepseasy steps to building your own terrariumStep 1: fill the bottom of your container with a handful of rocks – this will allow for water to settle and will prevent mold from collecting. Next, cover the rocks with potting soil.

planting a terrarium - simple and easy steps to building your ownStep 2: lay out your chosen plants inside to see how they’ll work together before planting. Once you’re satisfied, pull them from their original containers and settle them in the soil.

building a terrarium - simple and easy stepsStep 3: continue pressing the dirt around the plants and into the rocks, filling in any gaps to prevent air pockets.

simple and easy steps to build a terrariumStep 4: add sheet moss. Mel suggests soaking the moss before adding it to ensure that it’s consistently damp without over saturating your bowl. Tuck the moss all around the plants, covering the dirt completely.

build a terrarium - simple and easy steps to DIYStep 5: water. You’ll need to do this immediately after finishing the project. Water thoroughly, until you see it trickling down into the rocks. You’ll only need to water approximately every 10 days, so they’re easy to care for!

build your own terrarium in just a few easy stepsbuild a terrarium - simple, quick, and easy steps to DIYI’m so happy with how mine turned out!

If you want to skip these steps and simply purchase one of these beauties, they’re available locally at The Vintage Gypsy.

Don’t forget to pin these pics so you can save this tutorial for later!

Happy planting!


  1. My dreams of being a hand model have finally come to fruition! 🙂
    The pictures turned out great! I hope you’re enjoying your terrarium.

  2. I love this…one question: how long do they “last?” I’m not very good with living things…well, except my kids & dog…and love that this is pretty low maintenance. Just curious life span. Thanks for sharing an awesome diy, pinning next! 🙂

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