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July 8, 2014

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July 10, 2014

Flooded With Emotions

July 9, 2014
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My life has been flooded.  Literally.  With both water and emotions.

Last week we were busily sandbagging instead of packing up our old house.  Then after we handed over the house keys to the new owners, we moved into my parents’ house on the lake {waiting for our new construction to be constructed}.

Normally, I’d be ecstatic to live on the lake for the summer.  Lounging carelessly in tubes behind the boat, rocking slowly on the deck in the shade, sipping an ice cold beverage in the sun… but NOT this year.  Waters rose too high in Minnesota this spring.  Most lakes in our area are under a NO WAKE ZONE rule until further notice.  My girls can’t even play in the yard due to the soppy grass.

We were quite a sight last week; drudging through shin-high mucky flood waters with boxes full of our essentials in hand moving into my parent’s house.  All the while the lake taunting us with each rain storm that hit the area.  If you can imagine the stress levels; they were high to say the least.  My parents were kind and tried to keep a calm demeanor; knowing no one was to blame for the poor unfortunate timing of it all.  I truly feel blessed throughout the trying times.  God has been walking with us.  If we can make it through this, we can make it through almost anything.

The last few days the water has receded.  We are feeling more comfortable and more settled.  I hope someday soon we can play outside… maybe even enjoy the likes of water sports.

Outdoor activities would be lovely about now because… have I mentioned, my girls are not all-together demure or dainty… two of the three are louder than most… Rough and Tumble could truly be their middle names.  They love drama and to be ‘on stage’ every second of the day.  That doesn’t work when everyone’s stuck inside the house with each other.  They need wide open spaces… well, at least everyone else needs for them to have wide open spaces.  Let me also say, they have as big of hearts as they have mouths…so it’s not all bad.  🙂  I love them just as much as I love my sweet, compliant, quiet, oldest daughter… everyone’s special in their own way.  I keep having to tell myself this.

I escaped one flooded lake to go relax on another.  Our beloved Prior Lake is feeling the hurt as well.  My good friend and I enjoyed a day together, watching the kids play and tooling around in the boat carefully and slowly… it’s a NO WAKE, ya know!  Her poor garden is even under water.  No garden-fresh veggies for her family this year.

But on the bright side:  Everything is a gorgeous shade of green!  So why not coordinate with it and wear 2 other bright colors on the basic color wheel… red and blue.  Go bold or go home.

Bold stripes with whiteUrban Halo. dotsBold maxi   Bold stripes with crisp whiteBold stripes maxi    Extra long maxiRugby stripes and crisp whitemaxi stripes

Hair band – Urban Halo // Long necklace – old (similar) // Short V necklace c/o Lush Jewelry // White button down – Banana Republic (similar) // white tank – Old Navy // Maxi dress – Old Navy // sandals – Eileen Fisher (similar)

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  1. I’m so sorry about all of your water troubles! You seem to have a great attitude about it though 🙂 You look so lovely in the blue/red maxi. You’re brightening up the day!

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