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July 16, 2014

Wild About… A Night Out

July 18, 2014

When life gives you lemons…

July 17, 2014
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Lemonade for sale.  $0.50  Or should we raise it up a notch?  Say $5.00

How to impress your neighbors with the best lemonade stand they’ve EVER seen.  Recipes that will be sure to knock their socks off!  They’ll be lining up down the block to get their hands on these tasty treats …raking in millions for your kids’ college funds.  OK… that’s a bit much.  But here’s a twist on some refreshing traditional summer drinks to cool you down.

My sister made this last weekend.  It was so easy and super yummy for kids of all ages.  Watermelon Lemonade: Watermelon LemonaideI found this one on Pinterest.  My parents regularly served a version of this to their card party guests years ago.  A delicious blender full for the kids and an adult batch for themselves.  I can’t wait to make it and have all of those childhood memories come flooding back!  Awh, those were the days.  Peach Fuzzy:

Peach fuzzy

I pinned this one but probably won’t get around to actually making it.  Turns out I’m looking for easy these days.  But it looks and sounds sooo good!  Hibiscus Strawberry Rhubarb Iced Tea:

Hibiscus strawberry rhubarb iced teaHibiscus strawberry rhubarb iced tea

Remember last week… We partied it up with our friends with this one.  Cool.  Refreshing.  Adult fun.  Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita:

Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita party

Be healthy with this one.  Tropical Smoothie {with hidden veggies!}:

tropical fruit and veggie smoothie

I used to drink this one all the time.  I should bring it back into my daily routine.  Lord knows I need more H2O.  Cucumber water:  {Quick tip:  slice the cucumbers really thin… it seems to give you a little extra flavor!}

cucumber water

And a tropical favorite of mine.  Pina Colada smoothie:

healthier pina colada - tastes delicious without the extra calories and sugar!And why not kick back with your lady friends and enjoy this refreshing treat?  Sparkling Wine Spritzer:

mint, lime, raspberry wine spritzer recipe

Now go set up a booth and compete with the other little kids on your block!

When life gives you lemons, make adult-lemonade!

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  1. I’m loving these – especially that pina collada smoothie! I love fun drinks in the summer – there’s something about the bright colors that just beg me to sit outside on a porch and sip away.

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