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September 2, 2014

A Letter To All Mothers

September 4, 2014

The Great White Debate

September 3, 2014
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The great debate.

Do you wear white after Labor Day?  Yea or Nay?

Fashion experts have debated this topic for many years.  How did it begin?  A little google search told me that basically the high-class women started this rule.  Some say it was to distinguish ‘old money’ from ‘new money’; to set themselves apart.  The ‘old money’ made up silly fashion rules without telling the ‘new money’ so they could ridicule them at social events.

Others say that since only the wealthy could afford to wear white clothing, they decided it was socially unacceptable to wear white after the last weekend of their summer holiday, Labor Day.  And because everyone longed to be in the so-called ‘cool circles’; the general public followed the elite’s social rules.  Except some fabulously stylish out-of-the-box thinkers like Coco Channel.  The same designer that wore her Little Black Dress for everyday-wear following the death of a loved one… starting the LBD craze.  Or more on topic… she was also known for styling white on her Fall/Winter models year after year.

I also grew up being told that white is never to be worn after Labor Day without looking ridiculous.  Why must I follow that tradition?  I love winter white.  Frankly, I love the bright contrast between crisp white and warm crimson hues.

Also, I’m continually on the hunt for the perfect rich winter white outfit.  White from head to toe with different textures creating the interest.  Someday I’ll have that perfect outfit.  Possibly after my kids are no longer grabbing my leg with peanut butter fingers or stepping on my car seat with dirty shoes…. a time when I can actually stay clean all day.  Ohhh, who am I kidding.  I’m slopping and messy myself.  I could never pull this look off unless I had an entire box of Shout wipes in my bag.  Someday maybe.

Wear white all year long.  I’m doing it and you should to.

Because we can.  Because it’s beautiful.  Because it makes you feel rebel-ish.

I say… DO IT!… Even if it’s just a little white in your maxi skirt!

Black, White & yellow Black, White & yellow Black, White & yellow Black, White & yellow Black, White & yellow Black, White & yellowBlack, White & yellow

My favorite tank from H&M // Black tank from Von Maur (similar) // a little punchy croc printed skirt // Franco Sarto sandals (similar) // Italy leather embroidered handbag (similar)

Do you wear white after Labor Day?  If you don’t… will you now?!

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  1. What a gorgeous maxi skirt in a fun print. I love pairing black, white and yellow. And I wear White after Labor day, why not. =)

    Happy Wednesday Ladies!

  2. Love the black, white and yellow! Such an effortless look! I think you should definitely wear white after Labor day!


  3. I’d say def wear white! I loveeeee white. And if I hadn’t lost (who knows how this happened…) my favorite white jeans I would wear them almost every day this winter!

  4. I totally will but honestly, it’s more about the weather than it is the date. It gets chilly in T.O. in mid-Sept…makes me want to sweaters and jeans not white. Le sigh.

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