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September 18, 2014

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September 22, 2014

Wild About Rugs

September 19, 2014
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As you can imagine I’ve been obsessed with sites like Pinterest and Houzz, etc etc… just dreaming about decorating my new house. And now my latest obsession…rugs! After being turned onto RugSuperCenter.com, it’s hard to stop.

They have an exceptional selection of high quality rugs. Seriously, you have to click and check it out. You will be amazed like me. RugSuperCenter.com has what seems like a bizillion styles and colors to choose from.

RugSuperCenter.com logo

Ensuring we had all hardwood floors on the main level was crucial to my husband and I during the design center process. Multiple reasons. Of course the obvious one; with rug cleaning its easy to clean up spills and dirt once you know the tips and tricks. But my favorite reason is not being married to one carpet year after year.

I enjoy the look and feel of rugs. And I’m not talkin’ used-car salesman style. But luxurious, cozy rugs under your feet. One that can change the entire look of your room in one fail swoop! Just like a coat of paint or new pillows can. Ohhh interior designers have all the fun! I love finding out as much as I can about all of the different rugs that are available to buy, and if you want to know more about the products that you are buying, you might want to check out a Bazaar Velvet FAQ as that might be able to answer some of your burning questions.

After announcing my purchasing dilemmas on this post, I have slowly begun collecting lovely touches for my home. I can’t wait to show you these new pieces in their intended spot, but my mom’s entryway will have to do for the moment. Now, hummm… where will I store them for the next couple of months? Don’t worry, I’ll find an empty corner somewhere. I have to, because aren’t they fabulous?!

Rug Super Center -White RugChandra Rugs Zara ZAR-14508 Rug in Cream c/o RugSuperCenter.com

White rug with Grey Linen chairWhite rug with Linen chair

I have been nursing my sick baby all week, so cuddling up on the new rug was a must! I foresee us enjoying this rug for years to come.

Mommy Daughter cuddle time

Looks like Chloe feels right at home as well.

Poodle cuddling up on white rug

Yep, someone loves our new rug! She’s so darn cute!

Charcoal yorkie-poodle rolling on white rug

The contrast of color and texture in this fall festive shot is to die for. The stark white threads against the spiced brown glitter pumpkin. Placing these pieces into my new house couldn’t come soon enough! You can bet I’ll show you once it’s done!

White Rug decked out for fall

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  1. I love this rug! I have it in blue–warning try not to vacuum it! It frays and breaks my central vac belt!! Can’t wait to see it in your new house!!

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