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October 9, 2014

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October 10, 2014

Wild About New Businesses

October 10, 2014
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The Pop Up Shop has a couple new vendors coming your way on Saturday November 1st 9am-1pm in the Prior Lake City Hall. The first vendor’s name makes me giggle every time I say it. Get The Funk Out.

Seriously, we are wild about Get The Funk Out! And don’t worry I’m cussing at you. I’m cussing at the disgusting B.O. that haunts my sports bras.  It’s so gross, right ladies?!

Owner Patty Post started Sweat House for this very reason!  Her product came out of need, like most fantastic businesses do. Patty loves to work out and get sweaty… really sweaty. But she couldn’t stand to throw away perfectly good work out wear because of the stench. The garments themselves still had a lot of life left in them, they just stunk it up beyond being wearable in public.

Patty came up with an all-natural spray to attack the bacteria causing the odor leaving you smelling fresh. The money you’ll save on new workout gear can now go towards new shoes!  Yay! … or boring bills.  Boo.

You can spray your workout wear, yoga mat, sports equipment, dance costume, you name it! You can even spray your body after a workout to neutralize your scent.. then feel free to run to Target without offending anyone. Sounds perfect to me!

Here’s the deal, Get The Funk Out needs your help. They need a kickstart to get their business really going. Check out her funny Kickstarter video.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Sweat House is looking forward to meeting you on November 1st, so make sure you stop by her table!  Your support means the world to her.

Get The Funk Out

The next vendor introduction is a business after our own heart.  Mode Boutique.

Cynthia Vander Poel loves handmade items as well.  Like us, she has always dreamed of owning her own shop.  So to do this, Mode Boutique sells a variety of handmade items from local artists at events like ours and at in-home parties.

She has Aromi perfumes, Abdallah Chocolates, homemade soaps and jewelry.  Mode Boutique also carries nationwide designers, such as Mystree, Buffalo David Bitton, Lamade, Just Tees, Monoreno, as well as new designers such as Mikarose.  You know what’s sweet about Mikarose?  It’s their mission to dress women modestly, yet stylish.  Isn’t that refreshing?  It’s so hard to come by these days.

You will throughly enjoy her hand picked items so make sure you hit her table on November 1st at the Prior Lake City Hall!  Cynthia says “I love working with women: styling them, inspiring them and bringing out their best.”

Mode Boutique

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