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October 21, 2014

Mom’s Homemade Marinara and Goat Cheese Dip

October 23, 2014

Cheers to this Crazy Life

October 22, 2014
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Life is catching up with me and I’m feelin it.  Running non-stop lately is taking it’s toll. I’m exhausted.

Last week, a few school parents and I took a group of forty 5th graders to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Center for three days of outdoor education.  While it was well worth the months of planning and organization, I am happy the trip went off without a hitch and it’s over.  Whew.

One afternoon we adventured out into the woods to experience Pioneer Life in Minnesota. My daughter and I were one of the few people that actually started a fire with flint rocks. Woohoo! That made our day. We made biscuits from scratch. And I’m talking scratch here. We started with stocks of wheat!  Beat the wheat off the stocks, picked out the seeds, ground them and mixed up biscuits with homemade “shaken” butter. It was crazy delicious. Well, not really delicious. But when you make them with your own hands from scratch they are fabulous no matter how they truly taste!

We also conquered our fears by walking 30 feet above ground along the Tree Tops High Ropes Course. It may not seem like it’d be scary but I can even attest, as someone who isn’t scared of heights… it’s quite nerve racking to be perched up so high. I can see why some of the kids had their hearts pounding out of their chest. The final jump off the platform sent us sailing down the zipline safely to our friends below.

After 3 days of fall activities, I got home just in time to change out of sweatpants.  I threw on make-up & tight pants {Jason’s favorite of course} and followed my man to his fight.  My hubs is an attorney by day but enjoys being a bad a** by night {excuse my language}.  He’s always been into marital arts ever since I’ve known him.  Now he’s finally checked MMA {mixed martial arts} fighting off his bucket list.  He is 2-0.  It’s crazy I know I know.  But I cheer and support him …and now I’m happy he’s done! He officially retired after he won his fight Saturday night.  Whew.  I’m still exhausted from that late night.

Sunday morning we had to get up early to start the birthday celebration for my 5 year old.  She insisted on a birthday party at the Children’s Museum downtown St.Paul.  We counted heads nearly one million times, as we ran with ten 5 year olds from room to room.  Fun was had by all but yet I was still exhausted. No down time for me.

Monday was Evelyn’s real birthday. We partied it up at preschool with her little friends. When asked what she wanted to do for lunch, she said “Go to the Mall of America!”  Ohh I love that girl!  We headed to the Rainforest Cafe for a celebratory lunch.  We shopped and shopped and laughed and cuddled.  I will never forget this day.

She is 5 now.  That is old.  She’s not my little baby anymore.  I cry.  No really.  I cried real tears.  She is my last and I’m just not ready for her to be so big.  Crying is exhausting.

My last week has been full of blessings.  Full of exhausting, life-filled blessings!  I need a vacation!

Just in time… This weekend I’m headed to a cabin get-away with my hubs and some friends.  I’m hoping to lounge, relax and recoup.

Cheers to this crazy life! You only get one!

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  1. Sassy, elegant, dressy, timeless and fun. That’s how I would describe this outfit. That B+W Kimono-sleeve sweater is gorgeous. Love the fun tights you chose to wear and those awesome wedge booties. So delightful and chic. I’d wear this in a heartbeat (and that rhymed)

  2. First of all your sweater is amazing!! I love it! Second, pioneer life days sounds like so much fun!! I love learning history through hands on experiences. Finally, my husband took me to an MMA fight last year for my bday. At first, I was a little miffed with my gift. But these men and women are true athletes. I actually enjoyed watching the sport – the art of of it. Congrats to your hubby(: Susan

  3. Love that sweater! And one of my fondest memories is doing a 3 day environmental camp when I was in 6th grade. How great that you shared an experience like that with your daughter! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. It reminds me of when I was school teaching. I certainly don’t miss the amount of prep that goes into a trip, nor the the stress and responsability! Still I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love your outfit today. I just love the style and pattern of your jumper. You look great!

  5. Wow, Wonder Woman! You are busy busy busy! Enjoy your weekend getaway. You definitely deserve some downtime with friends! Oh, and this outfit? I love. That sweater is amazing.

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