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November 7, 2014

Flaunt Your Stuff!

November 11, 2014

Deeper than Fashion

November 10, 2014
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After I published last week’s post on dressing for your husband, I had some great responses that made me think.

And I knew I had to write further on the topic.

You see, while I do think it’s important to dress for our spouses, there’s also so much more to my marriage. To all of our marriages.

I’m not suggesting that, in order to hold on to your man, you must be pretty. You must dress the part of perfect wife. You must slap on some lipstick and some heels and put on a parade for him. My heart aches for the woman who wrote to say that you can no longer catch your husband’s eye after the age of 35, that it’s all rapid aging from there! It’s not about beauty, it’s not about the surface stuff – it’s more about the effort you’re putting in.

And it translates to so much more than just getting dressed.

As I had one reader point out, the thing men respond most to is respect. Being told they are good enough, strong enough, more than enough for you, your kids, your family. As I talked to my husband about it, he fully agreed.

I do think there is great value in wearing what your significant other likes. Just as I believe there is great value in serving our husbands, in lifting our husbands up, in supporting them. Not because we are Stepford wives, but because we are one half of a valuable relationship, and as such we need to do as much as we can to keep that relationship viable and growing. Growing together, and growing closer.

In the same vein, he should be doing what he can to lift you up, to learn your love language and speak it fluently.

So yes – dress to impress your man. But do it because it’s part of a larger picture of love between the two of you. Do it because you want to do everything you can to share that love.

By the way, I’ve been wearing the heck out of this rabbit fur vest lately. It kinda goes with everything in my fall wardrobe! Which way is your favorite?

braided headbandrabbit fur vest, booties, chambrayrabbit fur vest, booties, chambrayrabbit fur vest, booties, and plaidrabbit fur vest, booties, and plaidrabbit fur vest, skinnies, booties, and layered scarves - a look for a chilly dayrabbit fur vest, skinnies, booties, and layered scarves - a look for a chilly day
1st look: fur vest – 3 Sisters (sold out, but here’s an inexpensive faux option, and a little spendier one); belt, jeans, bag – J Crew, chambray top – The Vintage Gypsy, earrings  – Wild Ruffle (available by special request and coming soon to the new retail shop!), boots – TOMS

2nd look: fur vest – 3 Sisters (sold out, but here’s an inexpensive faux option, and a little spendier one); jeans – J Crew, booties – Jeffrey Campbell (similar), top – Daniel Rainn; earrings – Stella & Dot

3rd look: fur vest – 3 Sisters (sold out, but here’s an inexpensive faux option, and a little spendier one); booties – Jeffrey Campbell (similar); jeans – Paige Denim, top – The Vintage Gypsy, necklace – Wild Ruffle (available by special request and coming soon to our retail location); scarves – Target and J Crew

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  1. You’re not kidding- that vest goes with EVERYTHING. And how wonderful does it look paired with some casual plaid, or breaking up a full denim look? I really need one in my closet right now- you converted me. Also, I love your sentiments on dressing for your significant other. I’m not married but when I was with my long-time boyfriend and he wore something specifically because he remembered I liked it, it felt like a small token of affection. Not only did he want to look nice for me, but it was sweet that he was trying to catch my eye. It just gives you warm feelings, you know? I definitely don’t think it comes off as Stepford Wife-y. You’re just trying to show the other person you want to be what they like, because you love them 🙂 And what they like is very clearly you.

    xo marlen
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  2. I’m loving all your outfits, they are all my kind of style.the booties are adorable!! Too bad I can’t wear that vest here in Fl. Lol
    Couldn’t agree more about respect to our husbands. The book Love and Respect from Emerson Eggerichs is one of the best books I’ve ever read about this subject.

  3. Great message this morning and so true. You look adorable and that vest looks wonderful in all the different ways you’ve styled it. Particularly like it with the plaid.

  4. I love pairing chambray with denim and I have to try out both of those first two outfits. The second outfit is my favorite. Fabulous vest and plaid shirt.

    Happy Wednesday Ladies!

  5. Unfortunately some men just don’t even notice! I do agree with everything you said though. I love this fur vest. I like how you’ve layered it in all of the shots above. You’ve inspired me to get one. Looks great with the chambray and with scarves.

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