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November 13, 2014

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November 17, 2014

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November 14, 2014
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Sometimes, the days slip by and I forget to appreciate all the little wonderful moments.

But oh boy – there have been a lot of them lately.

And I don’t want any more time to trickle by without stopping to acknowledge all the tiny things. There are so many big, huge, obviously awesome things happening right now (we had an amazing turnout for our Pop Up Shop – thank you to the many hundreds of you who came out! And a small crowd came over to our soon-to-be opened shop for a blessing – such a lovely thing). Of course I want to take time to express my thankfulness for those.

But today – today is an ode to the everyday. The things that can easily go unnoticed, but that are gifts nonetheless.

For example, the fact that I get to spend my days with the most extraordinary tiny people is a gift. My flexible schedule allows for me to volunteer in both kindergarten and 4th grade, so I get to meet my children’s friends and love on them a bit each week.

And oh – how amazing it’s been to be able to have one more year of half day kindergarten! As I take them home at noon, I often reflect on how fortunate I am to have my afternoons with Sadie and Davis.

No, that’s an exaggeration. I SOMETIMES reflect on this (particularly when everyone is behaving and getting along in the backseat), but I need to remind myself more often of how just awesome this time is with them. 1st grade will be here before we know it, and suddenly they’ll be gone for a full 8 hours each day. This time is a gift and I need to remember that.

Another precious gift? The relationship between my two girls. Not because they’re all lovey dovey right now – in fact, they’ve been bickering quite a bit. But they will grow up knowing the love of a sister, and that’s an amazing thing.

And my twins – how tremendous it is to have a built in BFF. They stick up for one another, they look out for one another, and they are rarely bored because they have one another.

Tea – that’s a good everyday thing for which I am thankful. Because as I type this, I’m stopping to sip my piping hot tea, and watching those built in BFFs play in the snow. And I am thankful that I am warm, and not playing in the snow.

I’m grateful for the little generous hearts I’m raising. Before enjoying my cup of piping hot tea, I was outside breaking up ice on the driveway. And suddenly two helpers came out, dressed in their snow gear, ready to help me clear it. It may have taken twice as long as it would have on my own, but I’m thankful that they saw a need and jumped in to do something about it.

an ode to the ordinary day - finding thankfulness in the every day

There are a million other ordinary things I could add to this list. And I want to continue to add to it, each and every day. I want to notice all the good little things. Yes – the big things are exciting, and I’m thankful for them all. But it’s the normal ones that often tiptoe by me, unnoticed, and unappreciated.

So here’s to the ordinary! Because altogether, they make for a pretty extraordinary life!

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for in the everyday moments.

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  1. I’ve always wanted a twin when I was little for just that reason- I’d have a BFF that also LOOKED like me, haha! I instead was stuck with two brothers- much to my disappointment. Your idea to reflect on the little things is lovely- I also try to appreciate the little blessings in my life, but sometimes it’s SO easy to be swept up with work and tasks and not really notice what you have as the days flitter on by. I love these reminders to stop and look around 🙂

    xo marlen
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  2. I love the insight on this “Thankful” day! So often we neglect those little things for which we should be thankful. The bright red plumage of the Cardinal in the tree. The graceful flight of the Eagles swooping in the sky. Yes. Little things. With eyes, I am blessed to see. Thank You Lord.

  3. I love this. It’s so important to remember to be grateful for the “everyday moments.” You’ve inspired me to do the same. Also–jealous of your 1/2 day kindergarten situation. Next year E will be in full day, no 1/2 day option. I’m going to miss her terribly–all the more reason to value all these little moments I have with her now. 🙂

  4. What a great post and fabulous list! I just told my kids this morning that friends will come and go, but they will always have each other…so treat each other nicely! Have a great weekend!

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