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November 20, 2014

Be Of Good Cheer

November 24, 2014

Wild about 40 Things

November 21, 2014
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Lordy Lordy guess who’s…. just kidding. I’m not going to be that dorky!

But you get the hint. I’m turning 40 tomorrow!  AAhhh! I don’t mind turning 40. I just don’t like the wrinkles, moodiness and body changes that comes with it. *sigh

In honor of my 40th birthday I’m letting you in on 40 random everyday facts about little ol’ me. And yes, I realize it’s way more information than you ever wanted to know but it’s My birthday so here ya go…

1.  I’m an extrovert. I talk too much.

2.  I lived on a farm in Melbourne, IA til I was in 7th grade.

3.  Some of my dreams still take place in that old farm house. Man, I love that house. I left a little part of my heart there.

3.  I am a middle child with a few middle child tendencies … for instance feeling like I always got the short end of the stick growing up.  Grrrr.

4.  One of my sisters is 1 year 1 month and 1 day older than me.

5.  My favorite dessert is Creme Brûlée.

6.  The smell of liver cooking will make me throw up… so will Tequila but for a completely different reason.

7.  I have 2 different colored eyes. (blue and greenish) It really shows when I cry.

8.  I love anything Vanilla-bean.

9.  I drank at least 1 cup of hot chocolate everyday of my first pregnancy. No wonder I gained over 65lbs with each baby.

10.  Sushi and rare filet minion are my favorite foods.

11.  I NEVER order chicken from a restaurant.

12.  Sometimes I wear my daughter’s clothes without telling anyone. My 5 year olds’!

13.  My husband’s convinced I have adult ADHD.

14.  I was Homecoming Queen in high school.

15.  I dance and sing everyday.

16.  I am a night owl.

17.  I hate my smile. It actually makes me cringe every time I see it in pictures.

18.  I’ve never liked my name. I tried to change it when I was little.

19.  I am deathly afraid of snakes… even tiny garden snakes.

20.  I love roller coasters, swings and rocking chairs.

21.  I get pretty defensive about things yet I don’t take compliments well either.

22.  Florence, Italy is my favorite city. I want to move there.

23.  My shoulders shake up and down dramatically when I belly laugh.

24.  I can’t stand watching sports on TV but I LOVE to play sports. I’m kinda competitive. Losing is for losers. jk…not really…

25.  I love bed but I could sleep anywhere. Including in the middle of a party.

26.  I probably drink a little too much red wine.

27.  I love a man that makes me laugh… it’s a darn good thing my husband is the funniest man alive.

28.  I am usually freezing to death.  Hense my love for scarves in summer and the 3 layers of blankets on my bed year’round.

29.  I have a weird, horrible, embarrassing laugh-cry at funerals.

30.  I would choose savory over sweet 8 times out of 10. And the spicier the better.

31.  I laugh super hard anytime anyone falls on accident. I can’t help myself.

32.  I like sitting. I mean like really like sitting.

33.  We celebrate birthday weeks in my house, but I’d celebrate all month if I could.

34.  Even if I think something is funny on TV, I don’t laugh out loud at it. No reason.

35.  Favorite movie of all time:  Little Women with Winona Ryder.

36.  Since the age of 5, I thought I was going to be a famous fashion designer.

37.  I was Marta in The Sound of Music when I was little.

38.  I don’t like milk.

39.  My favorite songs off the top of my head:  What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), 10,000 Miles (Mary Chapin Carpenter), The Joker (Steve Miller Band), Meet in the Middle (Diamond Rio), Alcohol (Bare Naked Ladies), I love you Lord (old Sunday school version)

40.  I love the Lord our God with all my heart and I wouldn’t be able to stand this world without His love, grace and mercy in my life.

There.  Now you’ll never want to know anything else about me.  Ever.

This weekend is packed full of birthday activities. Not only am I celebrating the big 4-0 with my beloved family; my fantastic friends are taking me on a mystery birthday adventure! I love birthdays! Especially mine! hehehe

baby Tammy

Party on, my friends… You have an excuse… My 40th birthday! It only gets better from here, right?!

39 year old Tammy

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  1. A happy birthday to you!
    A happy birthday to you!
    May you find Jesus near,
    Everyday of the year.
    A happy birthday to you!
    A happy birthday to you!
    And the best year you’ve ever had!!
    (Do you remember that song from your childhood?)
    I love you, Tam!!!!!

      1. Yes you do! It is from Sunday School, Rhodes basement, mom plunking out the music on that old piano, all of us kiddos singing at the top of our lungs! Remember now? I guess Em and I will just have to sing it to you tomorrow! I guarantee you’ll remember it!

  2. Happy Birthday! This was so fun to read and learn a bit more about you. I love posts like this. I don’t love my smile and I hate milk, too! I hope you have an amazing birthday weekend! xoxo.

  3. Happy birthday, Tammy! Loved this! I only like milk when it’s in a latte or mocha and I don’t think you can EVER drink too much red wine. Well, in one sitting, yes. But in general, no. 🙂

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